Ccccccccold Outside.

Seems it is really cold in the Midwest of Canada and the US. New terms coming up like “Frost Quake,” “Shiver Me Timbers,” and “Baby its F*&kin Cold Outside.” Bring it on. Seems the global warming crowd is all in a tizzy fit over this one. This is God’s way or Gaia’s way of saying: “so you think you can control the weather do you?” Even Al Gore is non plussed about all of this.

See the source imageIt’s Trump’s fault.

An irate Chicagonian on his commute to work today:


See the source imagePeople, wake up to the global warming / climate change scam. Trudeau’s Carbon Tax is not going to make one bit of difference. It is a tax scam. Don’t be duped.

Meanwhile in Mill Bay:

See the source image

From the “How I love Tofu file” comes this:

Disgusted by food? Well someone somewhere did a poll so you don’t have to. The results are in. And who did the poll:

“We polled some of those insiders—people who know the business and work daily to evict pesticides, genetically modified organisms, animal cruelty, social injustice, and unhealthy foods from the food supply—to find out what they know about the dark side of “convenience” foods and what they will eat. Take note so you, too, can avoid the worst of what grocery stores have to offer.”

No bias here.

And the public reaction to this poll:

Even Steven Harper hates this new Canadian Food Guide!

And the results of this poll?

See the source imageDarn, wrong result.

From the “why is this news file?” comes this little bit of fluff:

“Meghan Markle Looks Incredible in a Black Pleated Dress and Givenchy Coat for Her ACL Visit”

My knees would go out too.


Oh yeah? Take that will ya:

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg gestures during media statements in Bucharest, Romania, Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2019. Stoltenberg urged Russia to respect a major Cold War-era missile treaty saying its missiles are nuclear capable and could reach European cities. (AP Photo/Vadim Ghirda)Oooooo. NATO Chief says “China must treat arrested Canadians fairly.” Check out the subliminal message from his finger!

Ottawa may have overpaid Trans Mountain Pipeline by $1B. No, Canada overpaid by $4.6B and it will get worse if Tru-dope sells it to the First Nations for another $4.6B. Hey but the Trans Community has Trudeau’s back on all of this:

See the source image“We have his butt…er back on this for sure”

Another one bites the dust:

“Montreal’s all-electric, app-based taxi service, Téo Taxi, has reached the end of the road. After a failed cash call last week, and suspicions that Taxelco (Téo Taxi’s parent company) would be placing itself under protection of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, Téo has finally announced that it will cease its operations. François Bonnardel, Quebec’s Transport Minister, has called the Téo Taxi business model “broken,” according to the Gazette.”

Not to worry. Trudeau will bail you out because it is a business that is “too French to fail!

Song of the day. Appropriate I would think by Cold Play.

Makes me think of this:

See the source imageThe new flavoured yellow snow cone. Have fun Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and most of the US states.

Do they eat yellow snow in Europe? Perhaps my European friends could answer this important question in the “Leave a Comment” section at the top left of this page.

My quote of the week.

” If things are good in moderation then they must be great in excess!”

Have a great Navy day



They Said, They Said

Come to Canada, they said.

Come to Niagara Falls they said. You’ll have a great time they said. Bring your skates they said!

Come to Canada they said. You will love it they said. A winter wonderland they said.

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I said.

Polar Vortex? Get used to it they said. It’s the new normal they said. Oh you mean like winter in Canada I said.

Polar Vortex? Oh you mean “Baby its Cold Outside”

Polar Vortex? A new age fancy dancy expression meaning you’ll freeze your bollocks off.

Hey it’s winter in Canada people.

Some scenes here:

See the source image A Canadian winter smile                          What’s a polar vortex? Global what????????????????????????

Montreal! Hallelujah!

Zombie snowmen!

Come to Canada they said.

See the source imageYou will love it!

And here in Mill Bay, BC, Canada:

See the source image

Hey, but we don’t have to shovel it.

Baby its damn cold outside. East of here that is. East of Mill Bay.


Have a great Navy day.  Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!












It is a Mad,Mad,Mad world out there:

Truth be damned if it doesn’t fit the narrative:

“The cynical part of me wonders if this bankruptcy (California’s Utility Company) is conveniently timed given the number of lawsuits that have been filed against the company in the aftermath of the Camp Fire, the deadliest in California’s history.

See the source image

As previously noted, various folks attempted to tie the fires to climate change. However, it’s been proven that downed power lines started the fire. Yet that hasn’t stopped the climate change idiots from saying stuff.”

If you have Earthquake Insurance and the “big one” really comes just see how fast these insurance companies file for bankruptcy!

Meanwhile, California State lawmakers partayed in Maui whilst these fires raged.

See the source imageHalloween in Lahaina, Maui

Moonbat (California) politicians in “white face.” Ooops, cultural appropriation. They’re really black.

MONTREAL — An aspiring Montreal comedian has been told he cannot take part in shows at a university bar because his dreadlocks are a form of cultural appropriation.

Hey, what about my brush cut! Cultural appropriation of a “Dork

APA now says masculinity is harmful to society!…………eegads. Okay, get rid of men altogether and see where that takes ya.

Buying a woman a drink is now assessed as sexual harassment! Har ass or my ass. Sexual my ass. She is just thirsty.

The problem is not toxic masculinity. It is the lack of masculinity.

Gillette is laughin all the way to the bank.

Gawd I need a shave! And I have to cut these dreadlocks!

See the source imageWho me?                                            Our future is in his hands.

Most profound comment of the week: First Muslim Congresswoman Rashinda Tlaib: “We’re Going to Go In There and Impeach The Motherfucker.”…Nice. This follows Robert De Niro’s profound comment at a recent awards show: Trump? Go F&%k yourself…..also nice.  This from our profound leaders of today and so called role models.

Bob Rae ( a Canadian political has-been) equates the yellow vest movement to a bunch of Brown-Shirts (Hitler’s personal army). Of course he would. He is one of Canada’s elite so changing the status quo or undermining a popular movement such as the yellow vests impacts his sense of entitlements and well being on the Canadian governmental tit.

Three words Disney employees are not allowed to say:

“Go ……. Yourself”

…..Smile Sweeties…this is the crappiest…er happiest place on earth

a person posing for the camera: Disney-employees                                                                  The world is my oyster…er toilet me stinks!

It is a mad,mad,mad world out there.

Have a great Navy day.



Diversity Is Our Strength

Diversity: According to Webster’s Diversity: Die – ver – city (sic). From the Latin:” Die toward the city.” To continue to push for something that dosen’t require pushing. And in doing so you will die! Cities will self destruct and die unto themselves.

Harvard and its race based admission practices are wrong and do not reflect diversity. Charles Lane of the Washington Post discusses a suit brought by Asian American plaintiffs charging Harvard with racial discrimination in undergraduate admissions.

To me (Lane) the most interesting bit of information in this column is this: Harvard’s expert witness told the court that without its system of taking race into account (favouring some races / ethnic groups while disfavouring others), its class of 2001 would have been 15% African Americans and Latino rather than the 28% that it actually was.

To me this is an admission that Harvard can achieve diversity without granting racial and ethnic preferences. If gaining a diversity label means shutting out most predominant races based on colour and ethnicity then you have a racist institution that will ultimately die within itself.

If you had 10 Caucasians in a group with one African American would the group be diverse? Yes. Yet some progressives would suggest that diversity only occurs after a certain threshold is met. What would that be? 30%, 50%, 80%? Getting rid of whitey altogether. Or maybe blacky. Is that diversity? This is madness and will certainly ensure the death of our higher learning institutions (bring it on) and ultimately society and our cities. Leave it alone. Do not place markers on diversity otherwise diversity itself becomes meaningless, a weakness. Identity politics.

An Exeter Professor proffers, as only a professor can proffer, that mathematics is the root cause for wage disparity throughout the world because it teaches individuals ethics free and detached thought rather than diversity of thinking.

The other day while shopping the cashier tallied up my purchase and it came to $15.35. I gave her $20.35. She looked at me with that detached unethical look and stood there stumped:

“Hmmmm” she uttered. “Hmmmm” she uttered again.

I looked at her bemused face and finally said. “You owe me $5.00.”

“Oh yeah,” she says. “Says who?”

“Its basic math” says I

“Yeah, who’s math” she says. “Your old school math or the new math?” and with that she called for the supervisor.

The supervisor came over, looked at me sternly, discussed the situation with the cashier, looked at me again and said:

“Well she isn’t wrong you know. It’s the new math and diversity of thought. Diversity is our strength here in this store. And who is to say your math is any better than her math? Or you’re right and she is wrong?”

“Just give me the 5 bucks and I’ll leave”

“5 bucks, no way. You’re owed $4.55”

“65 cents says I? Plus the 35 cents I gave her.”

“Right, so here is your 65 cents Sir.”

I took it and left. I just couldn’t bear correcting their new approach to math.

Diversity of thought I thought. Diversity of logic, logically speaking I thought. Stupidity!

Yes it takes all kinds of wingnuts to make a society die – or a store, and that is diversity. This so called diverse opinion of thought, of logic – even if it is wrong and goes against established rules of life – will surely destroy us or them. Eeee Gadszooks!

The New Math? Oh yeah:

1 + 1 = 11


1 + 1 = 3

Some New York schools are doubling down on their admission standards to ensure a whole range or prospective and diverse students are eligible to meet the grade. ” We want a whole range of students here” One school administrator said. Not just the smart hard working kind. After all diversity is our strength. So we’re doubling down on our admission standards. Doing otherwise is considered unethical on our part, particularly in our Math department.

“Dumbing down is more like it” I thought………Geesh

But hey, diversity of stupidity is our strength. But wait a minute. Stupidity knows no colour or race or ethnicity. One is either stupid or they’re not!

“If we are all stupid then who is to say that we are stupid in the first place”, the administrator remarked. “It’s like that simple classical argument that, that, who was it now that said it…Aristotle? Blimy? Or Cicero? Oh you know. It will come to me. Oh yes: “Who’s on first?””

“Oh you mean Costello?” I proffered

“Yeah him,” she said. “Profound man. Profound thinking back then.”

We are in trouble. And if we continue on this path we will no longer be considered diverse but a dead society: Homo Zombius!

R.I.P. Delores O’Riordan.


Have a great Navy day



Man oh Man

The best a man can be:

Eeegads: I am a real man because I am going to buy that watch!

Gillette, Egards?…………………………………………..Piss off! You don’t speak for me.

According to Progressives:

                            Toxic Masculinity                              Progressive Masculinity

Who would you rather be?

Would your rather drive a Prius or a Shelby? Hmmm? Be honest now.

See the source imageSee the source image

What we really need is more masculinity!

See the source image

Steve McQueen in the iconic Mustang from the movie Bullitt!

I just checked my watch. Eegads I need a shave man. Gotta go.

Another version of I’m A Man…by Chicago, 1971. Terry Kath, lead guitarist of this band, accidently shot himself in 1978 while playing with a handgun. He died of his wounds. He sings the first verse of this song and does the guitar work.

Have a great Navy day…

Man oh man……………………geesh

Or as Trudeau would say:   People oh people…………..geesh!