Boo Hoo Hoo, Boo Hoo Hoo

Canada lost to Finland in the World Juniors Ice Hockey tournament being held here in Victoria (my home town) and Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada also lost to Finland – although they called this team another name – in the Spengler Cup, that was held in Davos Switzerland.

Boo Hoo, Bahahahahahahahahahahahahah – boo hoo.

So now what? The Juniors are still going on. Well, First Canada…Not. Then the USA, then Switzerland. In that order. The USA will play Russia in the Semi final and Switzerland will play the Finns in the other Semi final. So, I am safe for the time being. I will cheer for the USA and root, toot, toot for the Swiss. The final will be a classical upset match. can’t wait.

But what about those uniforms. Here are some of the juniors:

See the source imageSee the source imageSee the source imageOkay, Canada, USA and Sweden. I get it.

Now check out these guys from the Spengler Cup:

See the source imageSee the source imageSo, who are these guys. Now, I know the team on the right is Davos. Oh and on the left too. Damn. Home and away I guess.

See the source imageIf anyone out there can tell me who these guys are wins a prize.

These teams remind me of skating billboards or adverts on ice. Ads disguised as hockey players. Who are these dudes:

See the source imageI do not have a picture of the Swiss Junior Team coach but this guy has turned out to be one of the most entertaining coaches of the entire tournament. Funny, knowledgeable and very interesting post game commentary.

Anyway, Canada lost and the Swiss have won. I owe my Swiss friend a beer. “Le Fin de la Monde” would be a good choice. 13% alcohol content. Definitely “Le fin de mon joue de hockey sur la glace eh Pascal”

Boo Hoo Hoo, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Song of the day:

He shoots, he scores. Wow, no helmets and lots of fights….Yesssss!

Have a great Navy Day. Have a great weekend.