Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Congrats to the Finns. They won the World Juniors and Spengler Cup. Swiss put on a great show. Same for the USA.  Canada…not so much. Next year,


I just re-read a prediction the Sierra Club of Canada made about 10 years ago about how Victoria would look under 75 feet of water and how the various areas around the CRD would be affected. I remember writing a letter to the editor at the time – a time when Global Warming hysteria really began – about this very prediction. I think it is worth repeating here because much of it is still relevant:


Victorians are gurgling with excitement over rising sea levels! Alan Lowe (Mayor of Victoria) and the Sierra Club’s dire prediction of Victorian flooding of biblical proportions because of Global Warming got me to thinking:

  • If you thought the leaky condo issue was big news, standby for heavy rolling;
  • Our buildings have already been upgraded for earthquakes. It’s now time to make them waterproof;
  • Just think, BC Ferries can now depart from downtown Victoria;
  • Kinda brings a whole new meaning to the Colwood crawl, don’t ya think;
  • Forget Light Rapid Transit. Make way for fast water taxis;
  • Getting rid of those “Fast Cat” ferries may have been a wee bit premature;
  • We won’t have to address our sewage treatment issues. Clover and Macaulay Point will be so far underwater that no one will notice. I hear Methane floats though!
  • We could establish a new tourist attraction: The Clover and Macaulay Point “Hot Springs”
  • The Premier and MLAs need not to fret. We can always move the BC legislature up into the dome – that is when they sit of course. The men and women Under the Dome;
  • How about this for a new marketing strategy for Victoria’s tourist industry: “Venice of the North”
  • Small businesses shouldn’t worry. A whole new growth industry could be established in gondolas, scuba gear and undersea gardens and shops;
  • Agricultural Land Reserve?? No problem. Just change the name to Aqua-Cultural Land Reserve. After all, Government can do whatever it wants;
  • Unfortunately though, a new building code will require that all existing downtown buildings over 75 ft in height will have to have jetties and bollards installed above the 75 ft level. Buildings under 75 ft????? Well, they’ll be waterproofed won’t they?

Another crazy prediction from the environ – mentalists that turned out to be all wet.

Here are a few more:

Maldives will be underwater by 01 January 2018 – this according to the UN’s dire prediction in 1988.

I checked so you don’t have to: Maldives, January 1 2018:

See the source imageSee the source image

Has anyone seen my island??

Vanuatu? Still there but hey, give us a gazillion dollars anyway.

According to Al “Baby” Gore the Arctic will be entirely ice free by 2013. Last time I checked:

See the source imageSee the source image

See the source image

What did  Al have to say about all of this? Not much but……

See the source image


When comedy used to be funny:


Don’t worry, be happy. Check out Robin Williams at a time when he was happy!

Only problem now is, is that I will have this tune in my head all day.


Have a great Navy Day