This Takes It To The Limit!

This just in! From a Social Justice Warrior Professor. Is there any other kind?

“That’s actually where the connection lands between white liberalism and white supremacy because it’s by maintaining law and order and by maintaining civility by keeping your front lawn nice and tidy and by putting that ‘all are welcome in our communities’ sign on your front lawn, you are denying the fact that all the while you are with the other hand passing money to a deadly institution that polices with great disparity and causes tragic, tragic harm to the communities that are our neighbors and the communities that we actually should be building forward with.”


So mowing my lawn is racist huh?. Great, I will never cut my grass again. Thanks Professor. By the way, this professor teaches English literature and grammar. This has to be the longest sentence evah!

A SJW Mantra or put another way: University spells Diversity


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The student’s words speak for themselves, don’t ya think? Hate! Don’t ya just love being a SJW Professor?

Why would anyone in their right mind go to University these days?

Little known facts:

  • Abraham Lincoln founded the Republican Party
  • Every confederate state was Democrat

Get out the Laxative.

Gotta love this headline:  “The Pope’s Laxity Catches Up With Him:”  when talking about the latest Vatican sex scandal involving one of his closest buds. No story here. Move on.

“You know, the Pope is a pretty regular guy!” one Vatican official was heard to say. “Yeah, maybe but he’s on the run now!”

“Is the Pope really Catholic,” a reporter asked.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk” retorted the effeminate Vatican official. “Does a bear shyte in the woods? Of course he is. In fact not only is the Pope Catholic but he hails from Ontario!”

“Ah that’s two strikes against him.” The reporter thought as he moved away. No story here. Move on.

And the scandals just keep on cumming!

And on another papal front, this political Pope is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution!

Damn, a Catholic, who hails from Ontario and is a fan of Communism. That’s three strikes against him. Poor guy.

A Papal mystery of life – if the Pope and other Clergy take a vow of poverty then why are they all against poverty and the poor? Huh? Huh?

Another mystery of life: why is it that when everything else goes grey and slows down on one’s body, one’s eyebrows stay the same colour and grow out like weeds in a summer’s heat?? Huh? Huh?

See the source imageSee! I can tell that when he was young he had really black hair. I wonder how the nose hairs are doin??

Comb-overs are next!

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From the Bizarro file comes this:

Man caught licking door bell for over three hours…Damn, nobody was home. The only thing that saved this perv was that he had to go so bad that he relieved himself on the front lawn. Apparently while licking the doorbell he read an article about some SJW professor and his/her rant about racist lawns.

Toronto Police official hails Toronto’s diversity and political correctness policies as a major strength of the force and a model for others to follow. Meanwhile Toronto’s homicide rate is the highest evah and is going through the roof. One police officer was heard in passing while investigating a crime scene:

“Gee my fellow Torontonians of neutral race and natural, neutral gender, can I please have that AK 47? Hmmm? Pretty please?”

New James Bond film’s lead to be a Transgendered:

“My name is Bond, Jane or James Bond. Makes no difference to me!”

Latest from the NYT also known as CNN’s print medium.

See the source image                Nuff said……I want to get off the planet………………now.

First verse of that classic Eagles tune sung by a soulful master Etta James


Another wonderful Super Dave Osborne stunt. R.I.P. Bob Einstein

Have a great Navy day.