Couple of incidences occurred over the holidays that came to my attention. One of these merits a Darwin Award nomination. For those that don’t know The Darwin Award is given to those individual(s), who by some nefarious deed, attempt some stunt, or conduct some activity that when executed correctly potentially saves mankind in an indirect manner by taking themselves, and hence their potential offspring, out of the gene pool.

Runners up to this award are those individuals who survive their deeds but are sure to succeed at another time through sheer personal tenacity, or what others would call…stupidity.

Potential Darwin Award winners and runner ups:

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Don’t try this at home:

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Team awards are also given out:

See the source imageIt would appear that some dude wanted to inflate his king size air mattress to use in one of his spare bedrooms at home. Rather than use traditional means of inflation such as physical blowing through his mouth or the use of a hand pump, this dude took one of those aerosol tire inflators to do the job. As it was late in the evening and the lighting was dim in this room he decided to light a candle such that he could see what was going on. A few minutes into this routine a loud explosion was heard emitting from the back of the house. His son ran down to the room to find out what all the commotion was all about. When he opened the door to the bedroom he was shocked to see that the back exterior wall had been blown out; the window shattered with such force that shards of glass were found across the street in the neighbours yard and that his father was still alive but required immediate medical treatment for a collapsed lung. As he was being helped into the ambulance he could be heard muttering: “I should have read the instructions, I should have read the instructions.”

Yes dude you should have, but after all, you are a male.

The only good thing that came out of all of this was that he now had the opening for the rear bedroom balcony that he always wanted for this room.

Another incident occurred at a bar in small town Wisconsin over the holiday period. It would appear that the bartender , in keeping with the holiday spirit changed the music video channel of the large screen TV from one that was playing “Classic Rock” to one that was playing traditional Christmas tunes. This didn’t go over well for one patron given that “Black Sabbath” was currently playing. He didn’t appreciate hearing “Oh Holy Night” and made his displeasure known to one and all by systematically destroying the interior of the establishment. This did not go over well and the “holy shit” hit the fan. The Cops were called but this dude managed to escape but not before his licence plate information was recorded. Ultimately the police tracked him down and attempted to arrest him at his home. He had to be tasered. He spent the entire holiday season in cells where traditional holiday music was being piped in.

And the Darwin award goes to:

After watching this I realized that while I may be 67 years old I do have a juvenile sense of humour….yes….too funny!

This has to be one of my all time favourite classic Christmas tunes:

Have a great Navy day.