SH*T For Brains

Given all the protests out there I thought this past post was still relevant…..

Hidden Agenda? So who has the hidden agenda? Harper or Trudeau?

“Kinder Morgan is important for our national interest” Trudeau tells Canadians and then on the world stage tells France and European Leaders that he is ashamed of Alberta’s oil sands and will do all that he can to shut them down.

Commenting on the high price of gas in Vancouver and Victoria – most expensive in North America – well, he is in total agreement: “This is exactly what we want….yesssss!”

This puppet is out to destroy the Canadian economy and emasculate Alberta’s livelihood. He is a feminist after all. The premier of BC and his puppet-master, the leader of the green party, are ecstatic over this. The sad thing is that they were voted in in the first place and will probably win another term. Reminds me of my comment about MacDonald’s. They raised their menu prices and sales soared….duh?

See the source image“I have a dream…….man”

“And it doesn’t include you”

This gas thingy can really turn me on….man.Compared to Harper this man’s dream is a nightmare!

Have to laugh at a survey done about countries that have the most freedom. Sweden, Norway and Finland tied for first. Are you kidding me? These countries are probably the most regulated countries in the world. Consider 250 regulations on how cucumbers are to be grown and distributed. And, they have to be as strait as an arrow man-people. They, the cucumbers that is, cannot be bent. Well, is that freedom? Straight? The LGBTQRSTUVWXY and Z crowd in these places are all in a tizzy over that bit of news. No, no, no.. you cannot do what you want in these places and the taxes are sky high. Just ask a cucumber farmer and he’ll tell you straight up!

The UN is all excited about this one. If the Scandinavian countries can pull “the sheep’s wool” over our eyes with this stat just think what we could do with the sale and regulation of “wellies” all over the sheep farming world. Finally, a new world order. “One world government here we cum…er come!” the head of the UN – who wished to remain anonymous – remarked recently.

And, have you seen Sweden lately?

See the source image“We want to be like Norway!”

“Their cucumbers are straighter than ours…shameful!”

A Swedish cucumber grown in Sweden’s red light district:

The response was immediate:

Sweden’s cucumber riot squad hit the streets:

“And what about Swedish meat balls?” someone asked

“Don’t even go there!” the police responded.

And in Finland? The # 1 freedom country in the world? Just as straight as can be man!

Next week? Zucchinis!

From the…they just cannot give it up file comes this headline from the Hill:

“Impeachment Looms Large in the White House”

Just one day after the leader of South Korea stated publicly that Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in ending the Korean War and bringing peace to the peninsula after 63 years….Geesh.

“Yeah but….” Nancy Pelosi, who wishes to remain anonymous, stated categorically. “We all know it was Bernie Sanders who played his cards appropriately in this showdown with North Korea, not Trump.

“Damn you Who Flung Poo” Bernie shouted at the leader of North Korea while at the negotiating table. “Hearts are trump, not spades….hearts” Poo took out his clubs and whacked Bernie with all he had.

“I call” he said.

Bernie, in desperation yelled. “This is Bridge you idiot…Bridge. Not some international poker game. This is serious business. It saved me during my University days…… I’ll lead off here with…. “jacks””

“Okay? Fish!” Poo answered.

And so it was. Bernie Sanders played Euchre with the leader of North Korea all day and finally won. For his efforts and perseverance he is up for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize in trumping North Korea.

As for Trump? Last time I heard it was diamonds.

It would appear these guys have sh*t for brains:

Beckham shows off his latest tattoos

a man wearing a blue shirt


Just wait until you are old and wrinkly dude.

Only in Canada would you hear or see this headline…and in French too!

And in typical Liberal…ese……”Well, it depends! Are you a man-people or a wo-people?”

“Neither. Hey, I am a zay, maybe a zee, or a zit, or a zat. Mr More-Dough…Canada’s financial wizard dude”

And from another original Canadian thought comes this:

Ottawa demands that North Korea abandon its nuclear program.

Or else, we will send our covert surveillance resources to spy on you!

The leader of North Korea responds in kind:

“Can Canadian slub slink? Me slinks not”

I can see you Canada…ooooo, I am soooo scared.

Enough of this, or that, or zay, zee, zits or zat.

Non Binary? The gift that keeps on giving to bloggers like me.

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