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I just read about this:

“I see the first nations want to buy the trans mountain pipeline from the government. So let me see if I’ve got this right. Trudeau’s government paid 4.9 billion dollars to buy the pipeline, now the first nations want to buy it for a similar amount. The only problem is that one of the first nations primary source of income is government largesse. And they pay no taxes. So if this deal goes through then the Canadian taxpayer will have paid 9.8 billion for the pipeline – that hasn’t been built yet. This sure sounds like liberal economics.”

BTW, Canada is now viewed as a nation that is unable to build anything of major importance!

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I didn’t know I was toxic. I’ll have to order one of those Haz-Mat suits from Amazon. Notice too in the ad that whitey males are toxic and black males are righteous.

Or become New Age Enlightened. Like these guys

SNAG (see add above) or “How I Spent My Summer On Hornby Island.”

Or perhaps this guy.

I always hated this cartoon character.  Annoying!

From the new age journalism file comes this bit of journalistic professionalism…or “This is really awkward file:”

CNN host accuses guest of “White Privilege.” Only problem here being is that her guest was Black. She tried to apologize, accusing others such as her producer for her own lack of preparation, but her guest would not let her off the hook. In quoting Martin Luther King her guest stated that he would rather by judged by his character and deeds rather than by the colour of his skin…….or what razor he uses in the morning.

Be the best a man can be…not get….always.

Still a great song after all these years. Stevie Winwood (singer) was only 17 years old when this song was produced in the 60’s.  Play it LOUD!

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