Carbon Crap….er Tax

A Carbon tax is being introduced nation wide by our dear leader. He made this announcement at the same time as environ-mental leaders were discussing environ-mental issues and carbon pricing initiatives down the road in Quebec with Ms McKenna, Canada’s Minister of the Environment, also known as Climate Barbie. Was this a planned pre-emptive strike? Don’t know but something sure is rotten in the state of Denmark!

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I cringed when B.C. brought in a Carbon Tax and I am cringing still with Trudeau’s Carbon taxing plan. It just tells me that these people have no clue with respect to basic chemistry 

Carbon © is an essential element of the Periodic Table (#6). I like to think of it as nature’s table or nature’s chemistry. Carbon forms the key component for all known life on earth so to tax Carbon is to tax all humanity for being, well, human. The human body is made up of 18.3% carbon.

If it is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that our dear leaders are trying to control and capture then say so. CO2 is not C. But even CO2, which is comprised of one Carbon Atom and two Oxygen Atoms, is an important compound element of nature’s chemistry table. It is found when we exhale, when we fart, shyte and just about everything else that we do. It is a byproduct for much of what occurs here on our planet, organically or mechanically. Carbon Dioxide is not an environmental polluting agent because it is not detrimental or poisonous to life (Biology Cabinet). Carbon dioxide cannot kill living cells by altering their structure or physiology in the same way, for example, as a snake venom will. It can only suffocate an organism when Oxygen is not present at a sufficient concentration to sustain life. 

The difference between carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide is one less oxygen atom in the molecule of carbon monoxide. This small difference renders carbon monoxide toxic and carbon dioxide vital. V..I..T..A..L! 

I would hazard to guess that many of our politicians and their bureaucratic advisers are missing an atom or two as well. They’re policies are surely toxic.  And you know where this is headed?

What does Trudeau think of this Carbon Tax?

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Some stats:

That the Arctic would be ice free by 2014, then 2016                                  NOT

That the polar bear would be in dire straits by now.  Last I heard the band was doing alright with the members that they had.                                    NOT

That the Arctic ice melt will drown North America. Ever heard of Archimedes and his principle?  Eureka, I thought…………………………………………………………………………………………………NOT

Mt Kilimanjaro’s snow cap would disappear by now.                                 NOT

Some people are making big money out of this                                             YUP

No snow by now, by golly, ever again,                                                               NOT    Damn!

See the source image Say what? What did you say? No snow anymore? Am I in a dream state?

Sea levels are rising. At least not where I live. The tidal gauge hasn’t changed since 1853. Maldives are still there though the cabinet moved back on to dry land.                                                                                                              NOT

See the source imageWe want a Trillion Dollars UN

More severe weather. Only in the minds of the MSM                                 NOT

More floods, more wildfires, droughts, tornados, hurricanes               NOT

Severe weather. Oh, you mean stormy weather, etta boy                         NOT

Eastern Seaboard will disappear. Damn, no more Boardwalk?             NOT

Governments are collecting millions in taxes over this                           YUP

“Are you satisfied? That you steal our money and make jackasses out of us all??”                                                                                                                                          NOPE

(Katherine Hepburn to Burt Lancaster in the 1956 movie: “The Rainmaker”)

And millions upon millions and millions of people still believe this shyte.                                                                                                                                                   YUP

When I was growing up we were only concerned with or heard about the weather in our local hood. But today we learn of, or are aware of, floods in Bangladesh, Hurricanes in Haiti, Typhoons in the Philippines, Wildfires in New Mexico , Earthquakes in Italy, Drought in Sudan, the very instant that they occur. So no wonder it seems as if the entire planet is on a “tilt-a-meter.” Yet these events have always occurred. The only difference being is that today, unlike 30-40 years ago, global communications, the fear mongering UN, and apocalyptic reporting by the MSM have brought these naturally occurring events into our living rooms on a continuous basis……..Geeesh! And that is another reason I no longer watch the news on TV.

Trudeau to David Suzuki. Heard in passing:

Hey David, hahahahahahahah….we got that Carbon Tax through, hahahahahaha. Canadians are soooo naïve Davey…Can I call you Davey, David?….hahahahahah, and stupid. It’s like manna from heaven for a politician..hahahahah.

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But, but, but, you know what? hahahahahahahha. And this is the best part, hahahahahahahah. I can hardly talk here Davey. hahahahahahah….did you know that we exhale C02 with every breath we take? huh? Huh? Davey? Huh? hahahahahahah….we can tax the air…the air Davey. Think of it? Damn, I’m so good. How I love being me…hahahahaahahahahah.

Trudeau’s “Manna from Heaven” on wheels:

See the source imageIt’s really weed, man. Government weed!

Unless we begin to push back, we are doomed                                               YUP

“We’ll be taxing you! Every single day, we’ll be taxing you.”



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