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Hey, this headline from Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital caught my eye:

“Take a ‘Movement Break’ For Better Health.”

Of course my juvenile sense of humour kicked in almost immediately until I read the article to find out that they were referring to exercise as in…walking. Get off your butt and move regularly for better health.

Perhaps, but a strong movement break is exercise enough and one of life’s simple pleasures. Because when you gotta go you gotta go. Everything else is irrelevant. Just ask Einstein about his “Theory of Irrelativity.” Space and the time is all you need if you are constipated. And let’s not even talk about that. That is hard core exercise to be sure.

Enough of that. It’s Friday so let us see what kind of useless fluff is making the news today:

Meghan Markle’s new car is awesome:

See the source imageThe new Tesla.

Meghan’s new hairstyle is one we didn’t see coming. And this is news why??

She copied it from her role model. The Obama Bun!

See the source image

Or maybe this guy:

See the source image

New Paleo Soup is hearty and promises to keep you warm all night.

Slide 1 of 14: When you're sticking to a paleo diet, you need some go-to soups to help you meal prep like a pro. With these delicious and hearty soups like chili, cauli soup, and pizza-inspired soup, you'll hardly feel like you're dieting at all. For more paleo ideas, check out these paleo lunch ideas.Problem is you wake up looking like a paleotologist. Or maybe one of these guys:

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Come to Chicago they said. The view of Lake Michigan is to die for:

Love this. What was that old Nazi saying? If you propagate the lie long enough it becomes the truth:

  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters that New York did not have hurricanes in the past.
  • Cuomo also said Buffalo did not get 7 feet of snow, saying such events were part of a “new reality.”
  • However, Cuomo is absolutely incorrect on both those counts.


New York has experienced dozens of hurricanes in the past 200 years, and there are even records of major storm strikes before 1800.

While this winter has been snowy in Buffalo, that’s nothing new. The city has broken multiple daily snowfall records this season and is within 6 inches of breaking the snowfall record for January — that honor is currently held by January 1977 with 68.3 inches.

But Canadians being so smug…the smuggest nation on the planet…that no matter what the science and weather is telling them…it cannot be true as it doesn’t fit the narrative so we welcome the new Carbon Tax. Tax, tax and more tax for we are the most taxing people on earth, don’t you know?

And this from the “Don’t You Know” file:

Most people think that Hurricane Katrina was the worst disaster to have occurred in the US and is further proof that Climate Change is real.

Well, they would be wrong. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 was the worst natural disaster to have befallen the US…E.V.A.H. Check it out.

From the ratest Japanese Canadian Newspaper comes this bit of news:

“Tludeau wants to implument a guarlanteed wage for aurr Canadians.” I am sure that this will be an erection (sic) prank in his next campaign.” says a plominent Japanese leploter

They tlied this in Finland and it was a complete failure. Why? The Finlish government could not flind anyone to lun the ploglamme.

When I can’t go I think of this song:

Have a great weekend.

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