Takin Care of Business…Every Day!

Just in from Bloomberg:

The US is warning countries to stay clear of Huawei.

Of course Canada being so smug and so righteous about that evil doom slayer Trump that they welcome Huawei into their companies and homes. “Oh we know better so bring in your poor, your downtrodden, your dispossessed, your filthy rich bastards and we will welcome Huawei with open arms because that dastardly Trump is bad, bad, baaaad, I tells ya. He is evil… eeevil the weevil!

Don’t know about you but would you trust any high tech company whose name you cannot pronounce? Or a Chinese company that promotes “Gutter Oil,” China’s big oil conglomerate?:

See the source image                                                   Asian fusion “Gutter Oil.” Sweet and sour. Your choice. Straight out of the Chinese gutter. Also known as sewer shyte in North America. Tasty!

As the name suggests their high tech cooking oil:

See the source imageTaking gutter oil well, out of the gutter. From the gutter straight on to your plate:

Mmmm, yummy.See the source image                  I’ll never eat Chinese again.

Yeah this is more like it. From England…Fatburgers:

See the source imageWould you like fries with that. Looks and feels like my arteries

From the world has gone mad file comes this:

Actress Kate Hudson is raising her daughter as genderless. She has decided to name “it” Eunice. She is hoping that her next “it” will be a genderless “it with a dik” whose name will be Eunick, the “it dik” brother to his “it dickless” sister (I can’t make this up).

Woman’s humiliating job interview goes viral. Say what? She is pissed off that she got the job. “I was humiliated I tells ya. I dearly wanted to become a victim and that ass hole of an employer had the gonads to actually hire me. I feel, I feel…oh I don’t know…I feel…well..employed, violated. I guess that would be the right word here. It is a terrible feeling.”

“MoiAussie,” the French “MeToo” organization nodded their heads in agreement.

Duchess Meghan saved from a major fashion mishap. Headline? Why? Was she caught outside wearing clothes?

I can’t believe this is news!

US cities as cold as the Arctic. An Australian inferno. The UK covered in snow. Oh the horror of it all.

It’s only one month into 2019 and meteorologists are already talking in superlatives as extreme weather patterns have brought cities and towns across the globe to a standstill.

My superlative? Great!

Again, lets scare the beejeezus out of everybody. It is called winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

So fear not. It is only weather.

Insurance companies are purposely spreading doom and gloom and scary pictures of weather Armageddon. Why? So they can charge exorbitant rates for house insurance. It is a global scam…er… business now. And if the big (insert catastrophic event here) occurs they, the insurance companies, can immediately declare bankruptcy so that the average Joe and Josephine are hooped yet again. “Just takin care of business is all” a  genderless spokes- prick was heard to comment.

“Where is my yellow vest honey? And my shotgun!”

This guys kills me:

See the source image  Singh can’t sing.

I do not know about you but do you see the similarity here? A twin maybe?

See the source image

And speaking of employment, another great song from a great Canadian band.

Have a great Navy day.