This and That

Thinking about all these never ending Left and Right protests these past few years. I consider myself non partisan but I wonder how people would feel about me if they knew:

  • That I am a practicing Catholic;
  • That I believe in God and a higher power;
  • That personally I am a pro-life type of person – although I believe a woman has the right to choose;
  • That I was in the Navy for 37 years;
  • That I love my country;
  • That I believe in national sovereignty;
  • That I believe in the “Rule of Law”
  • That I respect our History – warts and all;
  • That we should live within our means – everyone, governments included;
  • That some things are worth fighting for;
  • That I am not hypocritical;
  • That I respect our Police and authority;
  • That I respect our constitution and Bill of Rights;
  • That my political views are between me and the ballot box;
  • That criticism and debate of progressive government policies will brand you a racist, a bigot and whatever phobia exists, by the federal Liberal government;
  • That the family compact of 1837 still exists in Canada, especially in Ontario and Quebec;
  • That I love to walk;
  • That I loved my late wife and I love my family;
  • That one should work hard to get ahead in life;
  • That handouts are for dogs and cats, not humans -troubled people excepted;
  • That a social safety net is important, except for cats and dogs;
  • That current music sucks;
  • That today’s news is oxymoronic;
  • That journalists have no work ethic and are dishonest, misleading;
  • That all mind altering drugs are bad, including marijuana;
  • That parents should teach their children morals and not their teachers;
  • That political indoctrination at school is a form of child abuse;
  • That graphic sexual education and promotion of transgenderism to young impressionable minds before puberty is a form of child abuse;
  • That changing the English language is not negotiable by University students;
  • That a good pint of bitter is nirvana;
  • That a good steak is wonderful;
  • That PETA sucks;
  • That Black Olives Matter, especially on Pizza;
  • That you cannot compromise or have a debate with a greenie;
  • That organic pizzas are green;
  • That the word Organic is a Latin word meaning grown in pig shit;
  • That the word Commune is a Latin word meaning shithouse;
  • That going to University is not a god given or atheist given right, its a privilege;
  • That one should pay their own way through school;
  • That climate change purported by politicians is the biggest fraud in history;
  • That Orwell was right and we are now living proof of this;
  • That the Baby Boomer generation was the most self absorbed, self centric generation in history – and I am one of them;
  • That the Baby Boomer generation is primarily responsible for all the shyte we are now going through;
  • That you cannot make your school change the date of a solar eclipse to meet your child’s scheduling demands;
  • That the song “Imagine” is well past its best before date;
  • That bitcoins and climate change are the currency of madness;
  • That to “Make Love, Not War” was not the rallying banner we all thought it was but a thought process of the 1960s that produced a lot of bastards;
  • That I am a Toronto Argonauts fan (thanks Ted); and
  • That’s all she wrote.

And this is all I have to say about that……….

Obviously I am a (insert whatever label here) phobian. So be it but I am happy.

Why can’t we all just get along, be treated equally under the law and be Canadians first and foremost?

Have a great Navy day.



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