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It’s what Stalin would have done?

And the worse part is that I’m (Bruno Ganz) not even German, I’m Swiss!


Canadian tourists trapped in Haiti.

Why on earth would any Canadian, or any tourist, visit Haiti?

Happy Hour in Port au Prince:

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See the source imageC’mon in, the water is fine!

Hey but we’re Canadians so we know better than those nasty Americans. That’s why we go – literally and figuratively. After all, we Canadians are the smuggest people on the planet – don’t ya know.

See the source image           Honey, did ya bring the Keopectate? See, he’s smiling, maybe laughing even. I gotta go!

And the UN is sooooo focused on Climate Change and one world government!…Geesh

Why does the Trudeau Government want so desperately to defend SNC Lavelin?

Like Bombardier they are just “Too French to Fail”

And they’re not from Alberta!

The problem with today’s “everything is offensive” society:

“Knitting? Its just sooooo white. Let’s hope it gets better.””

On January 7, Karen Templer, a knitting designer and owner of the online store Fringe Association, published an innocuous blog post on her website entitled “2019: My Year of Colour,” in which she enthused about her forthcoming trip to India.

“I’ve wanted to go to India for as long as I can remember. I’ve a lifelong obsession with the literature and history of the continent. Photos of India fill me with longing like no other place. One of my closest friends [when I was 12] and her family had offered back then that if I ever wanted to go with them on one of their trips, I could. To a suburban midwestern teenager with a severe anxiety disorder, that was like being offered a seat on a flight to Mars. … Then about six weeks ago, the opportunity presented itself—a chance to go with a friend who’s been. … I said yes. And I felt like the top of my head was going to fly off, I was so indescribably excited. Within 48 hours, three of those friends of mine who are so much better travelers than me—but who are all equally humbled at the idea of actually going to India—also said yes. There has hardly been a single day since that I haven’t said in disbelief, either in my head or out loud, I’m going to India.”

Not so with those Social Justice Wankers”

“Karen, I’d ask you to re-read what you wrote and think about how your words feed into a colonial/imperialist mindset toward India and other non-Western countries. Multiple times you compare the idea of going to India to the idea of going to another planet—how do you think a person from India would feel to hear that?

Instead of asking your Indian friends to perform more emotional labor for you and assuage your white women’s tears, maybe do some reflection on how your equation of India with an alien world reinforces an “other” mindset that is at the core of imperialism and colonialism.”

Are we in trouble as a society?

But the slippery slope here is that when everything is offensive, nothing is offensive anymore.

Love this:

Dr Susan Block. “Dr Suzy” is the founder and director of the Dr Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts & Scien”ces. 

“Dr Suzy, our high priestess of the erotic arts and sciences, promptly informs us,   

Trump’s campaign and presidency has created a type of PTSD — what I call “Post-Trump Sex Disorder.” Trump has created feelings of fear, loathing, and nausea. People just don’t want to have sex.

Dr Suzy’s pronouncements are varied and numerous, though her train of thought is, it has to be said, not the easiest to follow:

The news media is part of the problem as well. The news is full of stories about bad sex. They don’t really like to talk about good sex. When you have this media obsession with bad sex with the usual “all American” war worship and racism, as well as economic disparities and the way that corporations are in control, it really sucks (Freudian slip??) the life out of a person. “

I’ll say it does. Next time my wife says: “Honey I have a headache” I’ll know exactly why!

It is Trump’s fault as everything wrong about this planet is Trump’s fault.

It is?

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In honour of Bruno Ganz. May you Rest in Peace Bruno. Any parody of Hitler will never be the same without you.

Have a great Navy day.


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