Canadian Winters

Only in Canada you say?…..

Ice fishing? Great Canadian winter pastime.

See the source imageIt’s a beautiful morning!

“Hey Hoser. A great day for ice fishin. I just caught 50 pounds of ice! Gotta get er to market by!”

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Canadian ice fishing ingenuity!

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Ice Fishin Fashionista or a Canadian hoser?

See the source imageCanadian hoser.

Canadian ice pot!

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Better than ice wine.  Only in Canada do people drink ice wine and smoke ice pot!

Only in Canada: bad “ice fishin” day at the lake.

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Why are Canadians in such a bad mood these days?  Oh, I don’t know:

See the source imageThe 401 in Toronto maybe?

Or could it be a Canadian winter interlude perhaps?

See the source image“I moose you sweetie” We takes what we can get.

“Come to Canada” they said.See the source image                 “You’ll love it” they said

Snow flurries in Canada!

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Enjoy the winter

See the source imageCanadian HosersSee the source imageand Hosettes

It’s ccccold out here!

A great Canadian winter song by a great Canadian band.

See. Ole Randy Bachman ‘s freezing.


Have a great Navy day.