Hate Crime.

Just heard about this. Ties in nicely with yesterday’s post:

Ice fishermen run over by truck on Sand Lake, according to family

On Saturday, Josh Strugnell and Jordan Lambert filled Strugnell’s Honda Civic with all of their ice fishing equipment for a night out on the ice at Sand Lake.

As midnight passed, Strugnell says the two friends remained in their individual ice fishing tents in the hopes of a late-night catch before turning in. Then something unexpected happened.

“A truck came flying into our tents and I don’t really know what happened next,” Strugnell said, as he doused his joint.

“Man that is wicked weed. What a fantastical dream I just had.”

a man wearing a hatHis two fishin buds nodded in agreement:

See the source imageDoh.                                            True blue Canucks in their truck. Better stick with his beer buds!

“Y’know. Ice fishin is a really safe activity but ya gotta remain focused on what you’re doing out here, y’know what I mean eh?  I mean ya gotta be aware of what’s happening around ya.”

See the source image

Jussie Smullett’s hate crime turns out to be a hoax. He may be indicted for his bogus hate crime which in turn could be construed as a hate crime in hate itself. But what I really hate about this is that he allegedly hired two Nigerian scammers – is there any other kind – to perpetrate the hate action again a black, gay hateful actor. Except it wasn’t true. It was all staged as only an actor can do. Don’t ya just hate it when a plan falls apart?

“I hate whitey.”

Which got me to thinking about crime in general. When you think about it all crime is really hate crime.

“Why did you rob that bank?” the apprehended white dude was asked.

“Well I hate being poor.” the robber responded, and

“I hate working for a living, and

“I hate banks, and

“I hate getting up so early in the morning, and

“I hate Canadian winters, and

“I hate ice fishing…so there” as they whisked him away.

Would you like fries with that?

Seems that Macdonald’s employees have been fighting for the $15 bucks an hour minimum wage. Unintentedly (sic), the installation of ordering kiosks nation wide has suddenly popped up. “Don’t ya just hate this shyte” one employee was heard to say as he was being shown the door. “I think I may come back and do something nasty. I hate Macdonald’s. It’s a crime what they’re doing to us. I hate them!

“What are ya goin to do now?” he was asked

“I think I’m goin to apply for a job in the Post Office.”


An irate driver had this to say when he was pulled over for a traffic violation.

“I hate radar I tells ya. I hate it. In fact I hate this whole gall darn poh-lice department. Hate these traffic cops. I hate doing the speed limit. Hate it, hate it, hate it” he yelled in a road rage.

A woman who was caught shop lifting had this to say when she was apprehended and asked why she did it.

“I hate shopping here.” was all she could mutter. “I shop…I lift…I just hate paying is all.”

When you peel off the layers, all crime is really hate crime.

I hate everything!

George Strait: All my Exes live in Texas and that is why I hang my hat in Tennessee.


Have a great Navy day.