I’ve Been (Group) Thinking Lately.

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NASA hides page saying the Sun was the primary climate driver, and clouds and particles are more important than greenhouse gases.

Nooooo. Really! Why? Well, it doesn’t fit the narrative of the environmentals, that’s why:

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Who would have thought. And what about climate Armageddon? Given all of the dire prediction over the years, none have come about. Of course the latest being that if we do not address climate change by contributing trillions of dollars to the UN slush…er climate…fund by 2030 we are doomed.

UN predicted in 1982 that the Maldives would be underwater by January 1 2018 because of rising sea levels. Well, guess what?

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2019: Yup, can’t you see how worried she is?

Polar bears will be extinct by 2018.

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Bifurcation, or tipping points, of our planet have been predicted numerous time over the years by non climate scientists like Prince Charles (he had a few), Elizabeth May and others but primarily the UN, which has had a host of dire warnings of climate tipping points that will impact our planet’s survivability. Too many to list here but: 1982, 2002, 2007, 2014, 2015, 2017,2018, and now its 2030…to name but a few.

Katrina, a Cat 3 hurricane, was the worst natural disaster in US history. No, the Galveston hurricane of 1900 was. Check it out. The disaster of Katrina was primarily the result of the city of New Orleans’ poor emergency planning and poor infrastructure. The substandard dykes failed. The could not admit that so the narrative of climate Armageddon as an excuse for the city’s lack of preparation was born.

The Northwest Passage was ice free in 1903. That is how Amundson was able to make his historic transit.

But, many are not convinced and have drunk the climate KoolAid. And why?

Confirmation Bias or Group Think: where anybody else’s opinions are wrong if they go against the grain of the group.

Top: Jussie Smollett critics say that he hired 2 Nigerian friends to stage alleged “Hate Crime” against him. Hence 2 jobs created. The media lapped it up without any shred of fact checking. Group Think prevails. Yet many still believe he is the victim here…no matter what!

Bottom: Alexandra Occaisonally Cortez But Mainly Whacko, the Democratic Party’s current “darling,” was instrumental in the decision by Amazon to scrap their plan to establish a second HQ in New York. 25,000 potential jobs were lost. Queens was not amused. Group Think has consequences.

Now, I normally do not do this but I thought the following video is relevant to todays falsification and misleading of the facts to fit a specific narrative. It is about 20 minutes long but very interesting. Grab a coffee. Warning, background music sucks:

We are being manipulated by the (insert whatever here) narrative.

Research the issues and make up your own mind. By wary of Confirmation Bias and Group Think.

12 Angry Men: Great movie and an indictment of the dangers of Group Thinking.

Canadians….WAKE UP…to the BS that is being pushed onto you. Think!


Have a great Navy day.