Going Ga Ga

This joke got me into a lot of trouble once:

“My wife told me take her somewhere  she has never been before, I said how about the kitchen?  I love this crowd”

I think good ole Rodney Dangerfield coined that one.


“I ran into the kitchen one morning, all excited about something and yelled “Eureka” to my wife. She told me that I didn’t smell so well myself!

Kraft is in deep doo doo this week. Their latest batch of Heinz Ketchup had to be recalled for obvious reasons:

Clear labeled jars packed with various strains of dried cannabis flower on top of a dispensary counter.

What have you been smoking Mr Kraft? Of course he got caught allegedly dipping his doodle in a house of ill repute.

“Just checking my stock.” he was heard to say

After a really bad and limp week, the price of “Kraft” stock went up in smoke.

“Extremely rare set of semi identical twins is born.” Semi identical? What does that mean? I mean you either have identical twins or you don’t. I wouldn’t have thought you could have semi-identical twins. Oh wait a minute:

See the source image

Or how about semi identical triplets?

See the source image

Oxy-moron of the week: “Taylor Kinney has apologised after accidentally “liking” an Instagram comment which shaded his ex-fiancee Lady Gaga.”

Like, who is Taylor Kinney and like, who is Lady Gaga anyway and like, why is this news, like why, like.

“I like, I don’t really know. But like he should not have hit the like, like button on Facebook or like Instagram, or like Twitter, like you know. Like wow, I am like the boss:” Alexandra Occasionally Cortez But Generally Wacko chimed in to the discussion as she was driving down the “LikeLike” highway in Honolulu.

Like it or not I can’t believe this is news.

This latest headline from the Toronto Red Star: SNC Lavalin Scandal, a “constitutional” crisis.

a person standing in front of a crowd: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is embraced by then minister of justice and attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould in the House of Commons in Ottawa on Feb. 14, 2018.

When I read that article while looking at this photo, I had to take a dump as well.

Dangerous’ Anti-Vax Ads In Toronto Can’t Be Removed By City

When I first saw this headline I thought it read:

Dangerous Anti-Wax Ads In Toronto Can’t be Removed by the City.

I dove right in to read this. Imagine my disappointment.

Gotta go and have my daily constitutional. I know, way too much information here.

I can’t believe what makes the, like, news these days.

Off to the gym. Good morning to the world.

Great song. From the soundtrack “Flash Gordon”, a really, really forgettable movie. I am told that Lady Gaga took her name from this tune, a really, really forgettable singer…….from, Live Aid, 1985

Have a great Navy day.


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