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Jupiter Drops and here I thought it was a pepperoni pizza with double cheese…from Panagopolis! Mmmmmmmm.

Trudeau denies Wilson-Raybould’s claim of interference in SNC-Lavalin case. “We did nothing wrong.  Me and my staff* have always stood up for the Canadian economy, Canadian Judiciary, Canadian Ethics, the Rule of Law, Canadian jobs and the Canadian way of life. The ethics commissioner will be looking into these allegations…so there!” And with that Trudeau took his mace and went homer.

See the source image Doh!

*Sorry, that should be “my staff and I Justin.

That may be true Justin but: stand fast Alberta, stand fast the Oil and Gas Sector, stand fast Ontario, stand fast veterans.

See the source imageUniforms coming…honest!

Oh and of course the Government Ethics commissioner is a hand picked liberal. How nice. Likewise the judiciary, academia, the press and culture in Canada. If you think the Family Compact of 1837 went away with the Durham Report, think again. It still exists! It is alive and well in Central Canada. Always has and always will.

Underlying issue is that Quebec based companies such as SNC Lavalin and Bombardier are, in the eyes of the Liberals:  “Two French to Fail.”

See the source imageJe me souviens!

And lost jobs at: GM Oshawa? No problem. Kinder Morgan? No problem. Northern Gateway? No problem. 100,000 jobs in the oil and gas sector lost? No problem….and on and on it goes.

A Liberal government equates to corruption and Quebec. Remember AdScam? Quebec construction industry? Macleans in one of their past articles claimed Quebec as the most corrupt province in Canada. Macleans got ridiculed for their article in the house of commons. Of course they did.

Canadians? Wake Up

So why oh why do Canadians continue to elect over and over again liberal governments and Prime Ministers from Quebec. Is it…self flagellation? Poutine perhaps?…who knows.

See the source image I’m voting Liberal peut-ine etre!

By the way, who did Trudeau appoint as Raybould’s successor in Justice and as Canada’s Attorney General?  Why, a Quebec MP of course – David Lametti.

It certainly did. Yeah but they were Canadian prostitutes. “So great Canadian b&^% jobs, Mr Speaker.” Talk about Liberal obfuscation.

Sign of our times: Mother shocked as her 4 year old walked home alone after being locked out of her pre-kindergarten class. She, the child, had dressed herself, went out to play but when she found the school door locked she decided her best course of action was to walk home. She did. Mother is clearly upset with the school, etc. Me? I would have been sooo proud!

From CTV News a while back on the upcoming winter of 2018/19:

“Before you book a one-way ticket to the southern hemisphere or prepare for a months-long hibernation in reaction to the Farmers’ Almanac’s bleak winter forecast this week, you might want to wait for Environment Canada to weigh in.

See the source imageRight over Canada!

Days after the Farmers’ Almanac released its winter forecast calling for “teeth-chattering cold,” Environment Canada’s senior climatologist has teased a more moderate outlook that is sure to be welcome news to many Canadians.

See the source imageLike at Niagara falls.

Senior Climatologist Dave Phillips said Environment Canada is expecting a “milder than normal” winter this year, thanks to El Nino. The routine climate pattern related to warm water in the Pacific Ocean is projected to be weak to moderate this year, Phillips said.”

See the source image“So, Welcome to Canada” he said.

After millions and millions of dollars spent we get a forecast about as accurate as a Canadian Nafta economist’s prediction that trumped everything. Environment Canada’s predictions are about as accurate as this guy’s:

See the source imageSee, even he/she is laughing.

And we only pay him carrots and some greens.

Have a great weekend. Read ya Monday. Stay warm.