And this is what I hate about Canada…identity politics

Jody Wilson Raybould’s father, an indigenous Chief from the Vancouver area, had this to say about the scandal involving his daughter: “I am so proud of my daughter. She is standing up for” – as he points his finger directly at the camera to emphasize his point – “YOUR LAWs.”

Not his, or the indigenous peoples, yours and mine. That, to me, says it all. Now I have great respect for Ms Raybould’s stance against the powerful pillars of Trudeau’ hacks BUT I have no respect that the indigenous population, as represented by this Chief, does not recognize Canada’s Rule of Law. And that pisses me off. “Your laws, not mine,” as he noted.

Why do we keep giving billions and billions of dollars to a group that doesn’t recognize or respect the rule of law in Canada? It kind of makes me wonder if this whole scandal was orchestrated for political gain by certain self interest groups. That could be my cynicism coming through.

You know, a great deal of our current ills would go away if everyone was treated equally under the laws of our land. And that everyone, everyone is a Canadian first and foremost. Not pretend Canadians or hyphenated Canadians.

A spry, dynamic looking bunch here don’t you think?

The um,committee, ah, um, he talks about is um, ah all liberals and the um, ah, um, ethics commissioner is hand picked by the um, liberal government, so, um, Canadians, can ,um, be rest assured that, um, our, ah government continues to, ah, um, be transparent to, um, the will, um, and ah, needs of, um, all Canadians.

Transparency? You bet as we Canadians can see right though you Mr Prime Minister.

Trudeau kinda talks like this guy sings….

You ai… seen nothin yet. Oh be…be…be…baby, you ai…ai…aint seen n..n…n…nothin yet.

Love this political cartoon…out of Quebec:

Deemed racist. Quebec Cartoonist apologizes. I think it is pretty funny.

Hockey is now deemed racist. Good gawd in Canada everything is now racist.

Canadians are way too sensitive and have no sense of humour anymore.

Canada’s next:

Wonder what stance the Green Party would take?  Burn, baby, burn….

Queen for a day! Every second day…maybe?

This isn’t a joke. Meghan Markle is planning to raise her royal baby “gender neutral”. A girl one day, maybe a boy the next. Poor kid!

From a recent poll of millennials in Toronto – probably Canada’s most liberal, left leaning city. On the issues of the day. Responses like “he’s cute,” “nice hair” or “I think he’s a good guy” were pretty common. Trudeau’s biggest accomplishment, as far as some were concerned, was that he had legalized marijuana.

Trudeau will be re-elected for sure.

We are doomed. But hey, I’m retired. Millennials will have to sort things out. After all the children are our future and that is why I just invested in Smith and Weston (sic)!….we are doomed!

Stop the presses: Famous VJ Day celebratory photo that the millennials want to suppress because it oppresses:

See the source imageMillennials thought VJ Day was a sexually transmitted disease. What on earth are our children learning in school these days??

Democrats control the House. Their first act is to have a Climate Crisis committee. Who are their visiting experts? Why 2 politicians, a climate activist, a 16 year old and a clergyman. Real experts…not. Oh and the Dem’s new media darling – Alexandra Occasionally Cortez But Generally Whacko – will probably be their keyhole (sic) speaker. I’m getting sic (sic).

I’ll never watch the Olympics again

The IOC are going to allow transgender women (male to female) to compete with real women in the Olympics…without re-assignment surgery!

Gotta go. There is just too much craziness out there for one blogger to handle:

A beautiful woman with a beautiful voice…lip sync is a bit off:

Have a great Navy day.