Just a Phase

And this is what our society has come to. The Chow Crown. Warning, watching short clip for too long will warp your mind senseless.

I’ll never eat again!

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And somebody, somewhere in America has been told to build an arc – and fast.

Crazy you bet but then again we baby boomers had this craze for sometime:

See the source imageShake that bootie.

College group wants to do away with Mr. or Mrs. It is not inclusive so they want to use this honorific: “Mx”….. terrific.

See the source imageAnd here I thought this was part and parcel of the new Your-sack test….er sorry, Freudian slip…Rorschach test. You know:

See the source imageOh yeah, is that a picture of my daddy… or a Star Wars warrior?

American ISIS bride who wants to return to America – that dastardly land of the free – had once urged her compatriots to slaughter all Americans. When confronted with this all she could say was – “Oh that! That was just a phase I was going through. I am just a misunderstood woman, that’s all, misunderstood and misinterpreted.”

Oh how times have changed. A baby boomer phase:

See the source imageor this: See the source image

Maybe this:

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Whereas her Millennial “just a phase” comes to this:

See the source imageJust a phase baby. No story here.

See the source imageJust a phase?

There is a song for almost every situation:

Another boomer phase: “The Ed Sullivan Show” And they bow even!

Oh yeah. KC and the Sunshine Band; Shake Your Booty. White Soul (oops sorry, white privilege) and a great song for a Wednesday – Hump Day…but it’s Thursday Shakey. No matter. Play it loud.

Ah, the innocent 1970’s. Those were the phays.

Have a great Navy day.



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