Mumps and Tight Undies

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is seriously serious about the environment.  Seriously.  In fact, they’ve proudly announced their intention to insert climate change things and stuff into their standards.  “These projects,” said CSA, “aim to mitigate infrastructure vulnerabilities caused by extreme weather events to help keep Canadians safer.”

I think I would be a lot safer if CSA would only stay out of my life. Stick to standards and stop trying to save me from idiot organizations like….??


More than a third of Californian households at risk of losing everything. The Moonbat State’s latest legislation to enforce everyone to hold their breaths for a minute at a time to reduce CO2 levels will do nothing to mitigate this crisis. “Yep but gall darnit anyway, we’ll have the cleanest air in the country, perhaps the planet,” a member of the state’s legislature was heard to say. The others farted in agreement as they held their breaths and plugged their noses.


Alberta’s United Conservatives Party. A spokesperson said that the party would pander to the unions while supporting business. Say what? Someone was then heard to ask:

“When are we going to elect that oxy moron as leader of this new party?”


According to the “Rolling Stone” magazine, the “Baby Boomer” generation’s secular manifesto in magazine form, says that: “For Western civilization Trudeau is our last hope……………….FOR DOPE?

“Yeah man.” Heard in passing: “Who reads Rolling Stone anymore?”

When will we get rid of these narcissistic poofters disguised as national leaders. Get this guy some clothes…quick.

Can you imagine if we had leaders like this during the Second World War? We would be doomed.


Petronas pulls out of huge Canadian LNG project. Can’t handle the bureaucratic mumble jumble anymore. 7 years and counting and still no commitment from the Province of BC or the Feds. This on the heels of the Northern Gateway cancellations followed on the toes of the up and coming Kinder Morgan cancellation, Site C dam cancellation and others.

But hey, we’re Canadians so we know better than anybody else.

Only in Canada you say……………….shitty


A Muslim Miss World contest? How can this be? One judge was heard to say: “The Bhurka competition was a real challenge. No clear winner emerged!”

If Climate Change wasn’t enough to scare the beejeezus out of us:  “Shocking’ fall in sperm counts in the West have doctors warning against human extinction”…..Geesh. I thought Climate Change had that all wrapped up. But reading into this comes the clincher: “declining sperm quality and quantity to exposure to chemicals and pesticides — as well as to lifestyle factors, including stress, obesity and habits such as wearing tight underpants.”

Hey, what about the “Mumps”

Tell this to the Indians, Chinese and particularly….the Muslims, whose stated aim is to take over the world, not by the sword but by demographics.

“I’ll see your two point five children infidel and raise you 10.”


California, The Moonbat State, has too much Marijuana and can’t get rid of its surplus.

On another note the State’s anti smoking legislation hits a new high. Its hold your breath for a minute every 5 minutes hits a new low and has a huge impact on its bottom line. Flatulence levels soar.

Too bad that they can’t grow more money.





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