Music to My Ears

Words from “Where do the Children Play” From “Tea for the Tillerman,” Cat Stevens, 1970. A time when music meant something.

Will you make us laugh
Will you make us cry
Will you tell us when to live
Will you tell us when to die

Sound familiar? I think we’re just about there, don’t you?

There’s more to music than Taylor Swift or Gaga’s Poker Face you know. Check out Cat Steven’s “Father and Son.” Makes a grown man cry.

Other nonsense:

This just in from Ontario, Canada. Seems that the Premier’s new Math strategy is failing students miserably. Falling behind their own Provincial Standards. “Yeah, well these Grade 6 students know a great deal about oral sex you know.” said one parent. The Province’s sex ed program,which starts in Kindergarten, has been a great success.

On another note: Province’s teen pregnancy rates going through the glass ceilings.

On another, another note. “Yeah, well just lower the Standards Bar. That’ll solve the problem, “toute suite.”  Just like we did for our Province’s French spelling standard.

Oh yeah but: New ancient Math tablet discovered. Will change everything we thought we knew about the new Math.

See the source image

1 + 1 = 3…Yikes

On another, another, another note: Province’s education minister calling out those parents who complain about the math program as suffering from”Mathaphobia.”  “They will be dealt with” he, she and heyz announced.

At a recent press conference, Justin Trudeau called U.S.-based Haitians entering Quebec “irregular” immigrants, as opposed to illegal ones, even though they are illegal.

On another note, and following Trudeau’s comments, a Canadian government official, The “Minister for Illegal Immigration,” who wishes to remain anonymous, says that Keopectate will be issued to all new irregulars. Trudeau then left for his latest round of international meetings and important discussions with foreign leaders and Heads of State.

“No Mum, this is the way to do the Macarena.”

Image result for pictures of justin trudeau and merkel

“Hey Mutti, I just passed Ontario’s sex education program.”

“Wonderbra Justin. I’m so excited.”


Over and out…………………………..SJ