Chill Out…Man!

This just in from California, the Moonbat State:

After a shooting in a park, Sacramento city officials have implemented a fund that will pay gang members not to turn to violence but to protect city residents. Of course Sacramento is the seat of the State’s government with Governor Brown. Remember this Moonbat and the State’s move to allow criminals a safe haven for petty crimes!

“California Dreamin” has become the rallying cry for all of the US’ criminal element.

Can’t wait to see the fall-out over this initiative.

Another solar eclipse can’t come soon enough.

Next initiative is to have all gang members in Sacramento have hair cuts like this guy:

Image result for kim jong un haircut“Makes for great branding and we’ll know exactly who is part of the gang and therefore deserves to be paid……” said one city official………..Geesh


Today’s hypocrisy award has to go to Canada’s illustrious leader. Appears Trudeau is blasting the US for unfair subsidies to the US Aerospace industry. This from a guy who gave almost 1/2 Billion dollars to Quebec’s Bombardier aerospace company and upholds Quebec’s stranglehold on Supply Management issues, code for huge government subsidies, supporting Quebec’s dairy industry. Trudeau discussed these issues with his new cabinet ministers:

Who are both in a tizzy over this. “We have to stick up for Quebec’s right to screw us all…….ooooooo!” They were heard to coooooo.

Why I no longer watch the news: Hurricane Harvey was the worst storm in the history of the planet. Washington Post should know. Now Irma is coming and forget about Harvey because Irma is now the worst storm that this planet has eva seen or experienced. This, before it even makes landfall. Wow. Bet your bottom dollar that Harvey was caused by climate change and so is Irma. Harvey was the worst storm eva but Irma appears to be worster……shure sauce man!  See yesterday’s Millennial English quote. It’s apocalyptic man. We’re all going to die!

New York Time’s response? Blame Trump


Seems Germans are upset at Lidl supermarket chain for airbrushing Christian symbols off of its packaging so as to be seen to be catering to one religious sector over another. Those complaining were ignored and branded as some real sour krauts. In response Bavarian sausages’ name changed to “Lidl – Hausen Hot Dogs.”

BTW, I loved going to the Lidl stores when I had an extended stay for over three months in the Netherlands in 2014 and 2015. Imagine, a 24 of great tasting beer for$15.00 Cdn or a flask of good Merlot for 4 bucks Canadian…wow! Canadians are sooo screwed. But hey, we’re smug about getting screwed! Nowhere in the world do people get screwed as much as we Canadians….so there!


In Sweden it would appear that over 83% of child refugees are actually adults. In a country that is full of whining babies, who would have thought otherwise?


This just in: Marijuana makes male sperm (is there any other?) lazy. Really, I would have thought that it would be extremely difficult just to get it up while under the influence. Two male sperms heard in passing while under the influence: “Hey man, are you going in? Huh? No man, you go in, I insist. No you go man, no you go. Hey man, chill out! No man that would kill me.

“Canadian skies were lit up by a strange object when a brief flash appeared over British Columbia. Those lucky enough to be looking upward at the time were left puzzled – unsure whether it was a meteorite or if aliens had visited.” If this occurred in British Columbia then it was definitely caused by aliens. Hippies from an alternate dimension perhaps. Hey man, chill out.

A psychedelic, Christian song, written and performed by a Jew. A song well ahead of its time – 1969. Great riff.


SJ…………..out of sight, man!