Rule Britannia

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Ah, this just in. From Pakistan. New candidate for the Darwin award. So as not to be outdone by his late German Darwinian compatriot comes this:

See the source image

Hey Hussein, Hussein, Hussein loves his pet lion Hussein. Check out his video on line. I would show it but it is really, really creepy.

Hey Hussein…you are insane! The sooner you exit the gene pool the better for all of us.

Ah the millennial generation. Don’t you just love them for their foresight; knowledge and hipster lifestyle (see yesterday’s post). From Alexandra Occasionally Cortez But Generally Wacko’s mindset to those purveyors of the cultish climate change construct and destruct. I bet you haven’t come to the realization that the leftist movement, or progressive-ism destroys everything it touches or controls….everything. Think about it.

“Don’t bore me with the facts, or science. If I know something in my heart to be right then it is. Nothing else matters.” (AOC)

So, according to some the world is flat because: ” well dude the world is flat. I mean like you know where I live it is, like, flat. If I walk down the street the street is like flat, not curved, so the world is definitely flat. Like it or not….like you know” and this coming from one of our so called leaders. “So like we should now be teaching our children that the world is flat…just like me…” No one disputed her…that she was flat I mean.

Check this out: Warning! “Like alert… like”

Love this quote. Typical millennial speak: “well you know that if you fast too much your will starve”….”well that’s debatable” came the answer.

How can one debate that?

Greenland glacier is shrinking………..that’s evidence of global warming;

Greenland glacier is now growing……that’s new evidence of global warming;

The earth is 4.5 billion years old so let’s destroy our way of life to save the planet…based on emotive logic over a period of 10 years….okay. Facts be damned.

Everything Al Gore predicted has not come true. “ I feel hot so it must be true,” she remarked as she took another turn on the pole

“Just the facts ma’am”…Jack Webb…my hero.

Trump?: see what happens when you are under the influence of climate change….the MSNBC pundit remarked as he lit another joint.

“If everything is weird then weird is the new normal!”…….profound!

It used to be that every bad weather event, or anything for that matter, was caused by climate change, or global warming, global cooling, whatever. Now it’s TRUMP!

Eeee gads. Time to get off the planet.

I need some uplifting music today. Something to really piss off the millennials and throw them into a shit fit – especially those smug west coast Canadians, like the mayor of Victoria:

Hey, I didn’t know that Andrew Sheer moonlighted as a trombone player for the Royal Philharmonic.

And what do we have? The Maple Leafs.

Have a great Navy day.