Unintended consequences: the Turd’s Carbon Tax kicked in 01 April. No April Fools joke here except perhaps from the person in charge. Here in BC we have had the Carbon Tax now for over 10 years yet our gas prices still went up 15 cents a litre after the Turds 4 cents a litre carbon tax kicked in for those provinces without the Carbon Tax. Highest gas prices in North America. BCers are still not protesting. I cannot fathom this myself. Oh well.

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“We are here to screw the middle class. How much more transparent can we be.” the Turd was heard to remark after his tax came in.

Canada is three times warmer, on average, than anywhere else on the planet. Of course that would mean that somewhere in the world it is three or more times cooler…..This coming from Climate Barbie who claims that CO2 is a pollutant and David Phillips, Canada’s prime weather witch, who predicted a mild winter this past winter. Of course both have been proven wrong, in dramatic fashion, yet Canadians still swallow this shyte. I have more confidence in Poor Richard’s Almanack and this guy:

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Touchy Feelie…good old Joe Biden…remember him? Obama’s Vice…in more ways than one. Now allegedly accused of groping small children inappropriately. Say it ain’t so Joe. Funny how this all comes out now. But then it comes out that this is a TRUMP re-election campaign add. Already? Good gawd. Dirt or what? We now have to listen to this shyte for 18 months.

The brain needs animal fat. Who would have thunk? This from a nutritionist doctor who also states: “Fun things about animal fat:”

Many people think the main difference between plant and animal fats is that animal-sourced foods contain more saturated fat, but here are a few fun fatty facts that may surprise you: 00000 alliteration is so much fun:

  1. All whole plant and animal foods naturally contain a mixture of saturated and unsaturated fats. Wow. Funny!
  2. More fun…..Some plant foods are higher in saturated fat than animal foods, with coconut oil topping the charts at 90 percent saturated fat. That’s more than twice the saturated fat found in beef fat (tallow).
  3. And then there is this…..The primary type of fat found in pork is a monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) called oleic acid, the same fat found in olive oil. Isn’t this so much fun?

Are we having fun yet?? Hey Pamela, what do you think?

See the source image“If only I had “tits” for brains everything would be alright. It is no fun being front end loaded.”


….book explains why the catastrophic decline in polar bear numbers we were promised in 2007 failed to materialize. It’s the story of how and why the polar bear came to be considered ‘Threatened’ with extinction, and tracks its rise and fall as an icon of the global warming movement. The book also tells the story of Crockford’s role in bringing that failure to public attention and the backlash against her that ensued – and why, among all others who have attempted to do so previously, she was uniquely positioned to do so.
In general, this is a cautionary tale of scientific hubris and of scientific failure, of researchers staking their careers on untested computer simulations and later obfuscating inconvenient facts.For the first time, you’ll see a frank and detailed account of attempts by scientists to conceal population growth as numbers rose…

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Don’t believe the UN either.


A Greenies and an NDP hot flash….Venezuela is a ZERO CARBON STATE. “Hey, if they can do it surely Canada can as well.”

Millions of Venezuelans were left without running water Monday amid a series of massive blackouts, forcing President Nicolas Maduro to announce electricity rationing and school closures as the government struggles to cope with a deepening economic crisis.

This is where our NDP and Green politicians would love to take us:

See the source image     See the source image   Saturday morning market in Caracas.

That is all I wrote:

“Ball of Confusion:” Has anything really changed?

This was done in the 1960s by the Temptations. Disregard the last bit.

Have a great Navy day.