Lie and Dry

See the source image“No slit man. This is leal”

Heard in passing from my Japanese flend reporter (above). His slots, not mine.

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Hey Slakey. What do ya think about this:

Liberal Campaign Slogan: “Erect Mean for Twenty Nineteen.” er sorry….I mean “erect me for twenty, twenty three…er sorry. Man this stuff is lick-ed. Uh hey Butts. I tink we missed da 2019 erection…er sorry…election somehow. Man oh man… er sorry People oh People… this is good stuff. Hey Jody Rebound, Stinkpots…pass the Doritos will ya like the good little Liberal “cockus” (sic) members that you are. Woe is me. It is so hard being me, especially being stoned like me. Hey that’s it. The 2019 Liberal Erection Campaign slogan:

“Be Stoned Like Me.”

“Yesss. Hey Gerry, Jody, hey, hey guys, gals…Hey, I got a good one in my hand. A sure thing for our erection day. It’s will be a sure…hey where are they?”

See the source imageHey you, yes you…are you tokin, I mean talkin to me? Well are you?

I know, I know. All of this Trudeau stuff gets pretty boring after awhile. But hey, we have an erection coming up in October so it remains important that we remain hard and fast in getting a leg up on this guy to:

“Turf the Turd”

I think that Sheer and the PCs should adopt this as their campaign slogan for the upcoming erection campaign:

“Make Cannabis Great Again and Turf the Turd”

What do you think? Does my Japanese flend…er friend…have it right?

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is seen in a police van, after he was arrested by British police, in London, Britain.

Remember this guy. Julien Assuage (sic). “Go Justin Go,” he was heard to mutter.

Pass the “Wellies”

Millennial’s real purpose in life.










Climate change? Yesss

a large truck covered in snow: A Minnesota Department of Transportation snowplow helps a pair of semis struggling Wednesday to get up a ramp to eastbound Highway 14 from southbound Highway 169 near Mankato.Bring it on.

Not much going on in the world today.

High and Dry

Have a great weekend. Read ya Monday.