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The new normal – average-ly speaking of course.

The New Average. Where everywhere is more average than everywhere else…Doh!

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Mystery of Life:

When everything is average then average is the new normal!

I can’t make this up:

Muslim outreach: Andrew Sheer, leader of Canada’s opposition Conservatives, “new friend” Omar Subedar (pronounced: “so-beat-her”) publishes tips on beating your wife.

Not to be outdone of course the Liberals, under Trudeau (from an earlier post):

Trudeau is changing the Canadian Citizen guide to make it more Sharia compliant. This on the heels of the refugee who beat his wife with a hockey stick…eh? Pure Canadian eh? “Well, at least it was a hockey stick” said one immigration official by the name of “Rocket,” who cited anonymity. Added to that “We will change the guide immediately to tell new Canadians from Muslim or other countries who honour honour killings that the preferred weapon of choice here in Canada would be a “Victoriaville” due to its shaped blade and shaft flexibility. It bends back after that slap shot.”

I kid you not. Imagine having leadership like this during the World Wars.

Trudeau takes Sikh out of the Canadian terrorist lexicon.


See the source imageAir India crash of 1985 by Sikh extremists.

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Meanwhile, convicted terrorist Omar Kadr released from custody in Canada and awarded $10.5M with an apology by the Trudeau government.

See the source imageSooo smug.

Meanwhile, convicted Canadian terrorists and ISIS radicals are allowed to keep their Canadian citizenship. A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian quipped Trudeau. They (the terrorists) are just misunderstood and just need a big hug. This came after that other famous Canadian Prime Minister quote: “If my mother had four wheels she’d be a truck!”

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October cannot come soon enough.

On a final note this is why I hate politics and do not subscribe to any magazine, newspaper, journal or watch TV news. The new government of Alberta is not even one day in power and this headline comes from that astute Canadian rag Macleans:

After Alberta’s election, ‘nothing good to come’

We are living on a thin line.

Have a great Canadian day.

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  1. Great blog!! I just don’t understand the Kadar case, we apologize and give monetary reward when a person is wrongfully convicted, but why do we give monetary compensation to the guilty. Will this become a precedent???

    1. Under the Liberals? Who knows Sadie. After all if my mother had 4 wheels she would be a truck. Thanks for your comment.

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