Eight Miles High

My friend sent me this little bit of turdism:

Who in the world is Jacques Bougie?

Jacques Bougie, who JUST happens to not only sit on the Board of SNC-Lavalin. He also sits on the Board for……ta da….The Trudeau Foundation.

It also turns out that he is a Director at McCain Foods….you know…Bill Mor-dough (Minister of Finance) wife’s family business. Really! Yes really.

But there is not a conflict of interest here. Move on.

Christians are being attacked and persecuted like no other religious group. But no response from the media or our leaders:

Easter Worshippers? I hate chocolate bunnies.  This is what Easter has come down to for many people.

See the source imageYeah, I am amazed too.

Religion of peace. Time to call a spade a spade but our leader the Turd will not comply.

Sad to be a Canadian these days. Thanks to the Turd our collective values have gone down the toilet. This is how Canadians treat a convicted terrorist. Khadr is even a hero to Canada’s Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.

Sick, sick, sick. The CBC ( Canada’s government run national TV network) should be tanked. And Trudeau brought to account. And on Easter Sunday. The same day Islamic terrorists blew up some 290 plus Christians, mainly Catholics, in Sri Lanka.

Like…like, wow man. Our future leadership is like….. wow.

Come to Canada man. The Turd has thrown out the welcome mat. Canada, where a new hip replacement procedure will take over 10 months of waiting.

Like, like taking coal from Newcastle comes this: Selling ice to Eskimos, at a higher price and with controlled access, as only a government program can do. Marijuana Sales in Canada Are Going Nowhere Fast, analysts, who are high on pot, say.

Love this:

Charlize Theron: My 3 Year-Old Boy Said She’s a Girl, ´So, There You Go!´

I am a ham sandwich, so there you go.

Gary Taube’s new book: Why We Get Fat. A whole book about that??

Does eating too much have anything to do with it? Perhaps!

Crazy man.

Music today sucks…bigly. Here is a 1960s band “The Byrds” with their Eight Miles High hit.

And another hit: Mr Tambourine Man

Music today sucks, bigly. Oh, I said that already.

Have a great day.

Oh and for my European friend: sorry about the Leafs man…well…maybe not!