Fossil Fools

Green Party of Canada won the Nanaimo By-Election. Party claims that voters want immediate action of Climate Change. Not true. The Green Party of 2 wants immediate action on Climate Change.

Vote Green? Destroy the Canadian economy. That is the Green Party’s message to Canadians after the Green Party By-Election win in Nanaimo. If you thought gas prices are bad now stand by for heavy rolling if the Greens ever won federally. Oh, and don’t get sick.

Climate Change or Global Warming has now become a religion. No amount of factual evidence to the contrary will ever change the minds of these zealots. We are doomed if we let them have their way. Progressive thought and policies will destroy our way of life…if you let them.

Climate Change is not the #1 priority of Canadians. It is with the Greenies though and they want to destroy our way of life.

Of course this is the lefty elite’s view of the world.

Good God, we need a famine!

This is cute:

REGINA — Canada’s Minister for Public Safety Ralph Goodale, an oxymoron, says right-wing, white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups, liberal code for Conservatives, are an increasing concern and threat to Canadians.

Goodale says the federal government is working with Internet providers to eliminate the issue. Ban free speech for all conservative thinkers.

This coming from the same folks who gave Omar Khadr, a convicted terrorist, $10,500,000 taxpayer dollars and an apology.

This coming from a government that just removed Sikh and Muslim Sunni / Shi-ite from the Canadian terrorist lexicon. Just a wee reminder Ralph:

See the source imageShame on Canada!

Progressive policies result in this:

Coming to a Canadian city near you. Vancouver? Victoria? Left coast progressiveness? Now this is a crisis. Not climate change.

More progressive thought: Well my wife, @Jsoosty has been suspended by @Twitter because she pointed out some basic facts to a silly 19 year old boy. People with penises are male, they can’t be lesbians.  That’s the truth, ban me if you wish, I wouldn’t want to stay in any club that threw my darling out.

Heard in passing: “Hey, I’m just a lesbian trapped in a man’s body!”

Everything the progressives touch they destroy. Venezuela comes to mind as a progressive model of economic destruction.

Modern Canadian journalism, especially the CBC, is all about deciding what facts the Canadian people should know as it might reflect badly on the Liberal Party of Canada.

Metropolis was made in 1927. As a society, progressive thought would have us move in this direction:

More and more tourists are falling to their deaths in the Grand Canyon. Solution? Ban the Grand Canyon. Hey, if we think we can change the climate well, heck, banning or eliminating this geological marvel should be a walk in the park.

With respect to like climate change kids who are like, on the march like:

Well, Warmist parents, go for it. And don’t forget to stop giving the kids rides in fossil fueled vehicles. They can walk or ride a bike. Heck, non-Warmist parents of Warmist children should do stuff like this, show the kids just what ‘climate change’ policies bring. Limit their ability to re-charge their smartphones and tablets to two days a week, because energy will be really, really expensive, plus all the brownouts and blackouts, thanks to ‘climate change’ policies. Limit their shower time. Start “taxing” their allowances. There really are so many ways to make it personal in showing kids what their beliefs will bring.

C’mon climate change proponents. Get out of your SUVs now and lead by example (see video above). No more talk. Action is required…NOW!

If only Canada had balls: Hamas launched a cyberattack during rocket barrage, so Israel blew up their cyber command center.

A different time. When governments and men had balls – women too.

Have a nice day.