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I just received my tax return assessment. It ain’t pretty:

Got that right.

CRA (Canada’s tax agency) always tries to make you feel good when they’re screwing you or ripping you off:

Those pencil necks.

“Meghan Markle’s dress after the birth of her new baby shocked me” so says some fashionable fashionista. No this shocked me as she goes on to say:

“Wearing white is downright brave. The days and weeks after having a baby are basically equivalent to the heaviest period of your life. In the first week postpartum, the bleeding is so heavy that most women usually wear thick padded pairs of disposable mesh underwear they give you in the hospital, because the bleeding is so intense that you would ruin any underwear you personally own.”

Something I really do not need to know.

And with Harry, the fashionista continues:

“Harry looked as proud as punch to be wearing the black sports top, which also had the Invictus Games logo stitched on it. It spelt out “I am Daddy” in yellow. Aw shucks!”

Meghan looked as proud as a punch buggy as she said: “I am mommy” in red.  Aw yucks.

And this is news why? 

Amanda Knox is returning to Italy for a crimes conference. The title of her presentation is: “Stupid Is As Stupid Does.” It is expected that she will have an extended vacation there once her presentation is over.

Rhetoric between two of Canada’s top politicians. Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario and John Tory, Mayor of Canada’s largest city:

a person wearing a suit and tie: Tijana Martin/Canadian Press“Oh yeah? Yeah. Oh yeah? Yeah. Oh yeah? Yeah. Oh yeah? yeah” and on and on it goes. Take that…Kapow!

Summer ‘s here already with 26 degree C temps in Victoria.

Victoria lawn furniture…by Ford.

See the source imageSee the source imageSomewhere in Langford, or the Western Communities, Greater Victoria.

Meanwhile, in the Netherlands. Backyard furniture by Heineken:

Translation: C’mon in, the beer is fine.

Me and my girlfriend tried “Hello Fresh” for one week and this is how we look now:

See the source image

Slide 1 of 15: Relationship coach, motivational speaker and bestselling author Grace Cirocco says one of the biggest indicators that a partner may be tempted to cheat (if they aren’t already) has to do with distancing. “If your partner is spending less and less time with you," it could be a major red flag, notes Cirocco. "If your partner is making excuses not to be alone with you… In my experience, there is a distancing that happens for one person.” Don’t ignore these signs that you may need marriage help – before it’s too late.15 signs your partner may be cheating on you.

“C’mon Susan, I didn’t really mean what I said.” George pleaded.

“My name ‘s Charlene Chris”

Sometimes, as the world gets crazier by the minute, one could only wish for that asteroid’s deep impact:

Child abuse.

I see dead trees and CO2

The Greenies and the UN’s IPCC are getting desperate now for one world government. See asteroid above. Target? UN Headquarters in New York City…oh, and Stockholm Sweden.

New York University students want free college for all. “So we can Partay, Partay, Partay…then become like that girl like above like, I like her.”

“Like, we are like brainwashed and like we are like enjoying it”one Univershity (sic) of Hawaii stated as he was driving down the LikeLike Highway in Honolulu (see pencil neck video above).

Elizabeth May, Canada’s Green Party Leader of one…er now two…,is all excited as this new Green MP who recently won a By-Erection in Nanaimo BC.

“This win is a wakeup call for all Canadians.” she said categorically. “We have to destroy our economy right now to fight climate change and save the planet from ourselves.” as the new MP took his seat among the other 307 members, one of which is Elizabeth May.

Er from who Liz?

I prefer mine cooked:

Mongolian couple die of plague after eating raw Marmot.

Thanks to Maggie’s Farm

I am a veteran and proud of it. Yet Canada’s – Trudeau’s treatment of Admiral Norman, Canada’s second highest military man who was going to be charged with breach of trust (now dropped) is disgusting. I do believe many Canadians of millennial age, especially those who reside in British Columbia and Ontario (I said most, not all) do not have a clue. Sad state of Canadian affairs:

Obviously a Country and Western singer. True blue Americans – the so called deplorables – and Canadians. A brother and sister…hood that I am proud to be a part of. Thanks Mark and Mike and Dottie.

My take on a very famous Canadian WW1 battle. Vimy Ridge the battle that made Canadians proud.

The Ridge

Reflection’s wise. Its true insight flies

Throughout our minds yet forever binds us

To eternal life that is devoid of strife.

Just peaceful thoughts, not restless, nor caught

Into that web of war to tread,

Not normalcy! Pure madness bred our way to be.

Yet as one we brand an ancestral land

As our spirits rise to embrace God’s sky

And shed away our fears.

Our thoughts of home as our mothers roam

Among our graves, their faces brave

To the sadness here of men with fear

Yet for our nation’s prayers we died out there.

For a home sweet home, dear Canada

That knowledge bears a passion… flares

Within our hearts, to love; to shove

Our fears aside and run in stride

To get away from there.

Over top we’d go in whistled throes

That plundered us within gun sight foes.

Such madness…crushed, our brothers flush

With abject fear with those guns so near.

We’d pray in silence for our leader’s guidance

For in them we trust and as Canucks we thrust

So far ahead though we walked with dread.

With the barrage we shudder, our blanket cover

Dear God we’re scared.

The earth it shakes… please mothers take us

Into your arms and away from harm.

We’d fall in silence…there’s no pride in violence

We looked ahead for behind ’s our dead.

Their faces seared, no longer feared

Just a darkness now with thoughts that bow

To a light that’s gone, forever done.

For now it seems our passion stream

Is ebbing some for our time has come.

We fought for glory, each life a story

With silent breath we faced cruel death.

Our youthful brash ‘gainst madness, crashed

Into the mud, the cold, the blood.

That Ridge has been a horror scene.

A Ridge that bears our lives and shares

Blood curdling chills, then silence… killed.

And down we go with our cries now still

Just silent prayers to loved ones shared…so far from there.

The death knell rings for our lives and brings

A peace you share from that Ridge out there.

Is a peace we paved to our silent graves

With a peace we share in God’s love’s lair.

We were men of arms, a brotherhood

And beyond that Ridge, your nationhood.

With souls set free our spirits now see

Just peaceful lands and a national brand…your nation‘s free!


Yet horrendous loss this madness cost…Canadians!

Please…remember us



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  1. Omg that poem was so awesome and chilling, I so fear our next generation have no idea of the horrors of war and no idea why we fought.
    Yeah that asteroid sounds great!!!

  2. Yes I’m so glad that the charges against Admiral Norman have been dropped, the song and your poem should be a wakeup call to our government whose treatment of our veterans and military is deplorable and insulting to the men and women who kept and continue to keep us free!!

  3. Was nice to read the poem. Your dutch (limburgs dialect) is terrible and so is the translation, but i liked it.
    June the 3 we, my wife and i, start walking the camino Portugese from the city of Porto. This time the coastal route.

    1. Hi Berry. So nice to hear from you. I envy you and your wife. I was going to come over this summer but my son is getting married end of August so I will have to wait until next summer. I am still in contact with Gaetan and his family from Normandy. They are going to do another walk but from Gargilese – remember our meal there – to Limoges. I told them to train for the hills. I still remember our walk from Gargilese. That it was very hard with the hills especially at the end of that day. Remember? I guess your knee is much better because I think I remember you telling me that you would not walk anymore so that is great that you are going, and with your wife too. I may do the Camino when I turn 70 in two years time. All the best and thanks for your comments. Good luck….John

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