Damn, late again. Busy last night, so stayed at a friend’s place. Normally I try to get these posts out by 8 am, Monday to Friday. No posts on the weekend. I am normally up at 6 am. Yes 6 am. For those of us old farts who remember the good ole days of sleepin in till 12 or 1 o’clock, well those days are long gone. the toilet always beckons.

I couldn’t sleep in past 6 am even if I tried. And, when you get to our age you no longer need an alarm clock. The bladder does that very well for us, thank you very much.

Oops, gotta take a pee before I can start this today.

Driving home I listened to KISS FM out of Bellingham Washington, USA. They have a segment called the Knucklehead Awards. The winner today was somewhat interesting. Along the lines of Mr Kraft. Y’know that Boston rich guy who got caught up in a brothel sting but denied any wrong doing saying he was only recruiting for the New England Patriots Cheerleading squad.

See the source imageYeah right Mr Kraft. And I have a Heinz pickle for you too.

See the source image

Speaking of being in a pickle, the mayor of Sandwich Illinois got himself into a real pickle yesterday. Seems Mr Dick Jones (I can’t make this up), the Lord Mayor of Sandwich Illinois, got himself caught up in a prostitution sting with three prostitutes. A foursome. That was some sandwich Dick. Three prostitutes? Must have been a clubhouse. It sure as hell wasn’t a Kraft grilled cheeze sandwich that’s for sure. Oh, Dick, he won today’s Knucklehead Award.

A poll that the CBC will never report on nor will the Liberals ever accept. This, in light of the government’s latest announcement of a climate crisis in Canada:

Are you more or less in favour of the federal carbon tax than you were when it was first introduced?

149 (11 %)
921 (68 %)
Opinion has stayed the same
286 (21 %)

Total number of votes: 1356

The only crisis in Canada right now is one of confidence. Confidence in our leadership, especially at the Federal level and this Liberal Government under Justin Trudeau.

It is an old trick. The UN has been using it for years. Create a crisis – in this case the climate – then propose the solution. In the UN’s case the solution is for “One World Government,” under the UN of course, while for Canada it is for higher taxes and more revenue streams. If you think a 4 cents a litre tax is going to solve the so called climate crisis, then there is a ex planet waiting for you to inhabit: Pluto:

See the source imageNot that Pluto, this one:See the source imageSpeaking of leadership, the entire House of Commons unanimously apologized for the injustice that Admiral Normal had to endure – falsely as it turner out. I say unanimously and it was except for 2 absentees: Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his Defence Minister. Rajit Say-It Again-Sam. October cannot come soon enough.

Identity politics gone amuk. Political correctness madness. The latest? In BC of course. The removal of the statue of colonial judge, Matthew Baillie Begbie for his role in enforcing the Rule of Law with the hangin in 1866 of 6 Indigenous Chiefs – who were found guilty of their crime.

That being the case I would now expect the removal of all instances of remembrance and commemoration of the following:

Sir James Douglas – founder of Victoria and Begbie’s boss. An avowed racist by today’s standards;

Captain James Cook – statue on the causeway. That bastard of British imperialism and colonialism

Finlayson – he once fired a cannon into a Songhees Village in Esquimalt, where the Delta Pacific, Ocean Point Resort Hotel now stands;

John Helmcken – who accompanied Begbie to the Indian trial and is as culpable as he was with those hangings;

Jesper Pemberton – Racist

Blanshard – that British rogue and symbol of those dastardly colonial Brits under Queen Victoria.

John Todd,

Bishop Cridge; and

Reverend Staines

All racists!

Oh, and they might as well change the name of the City of Victoria to one that reflects that city’s true roots – Camosun.

If the Victoria Council and the Provincial Government allow Begbie’s statue to come down, and they do not address the commemoration of these other racist pioneers – in street, place names and statues- then they are hypocrites of the highest order. You cannot pick and choose your racists.

Here is something the Greens would never admit to:

She is nuts but the video is very progressive and interestingly positive about our energy future.

Yes we are:

have a great Navy day.



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