This Takes the Cake

The move to take down the statue of BC pioneer and Judge Matthew Begbie got me to thinking about an earlier post I made. Here it is again.

Robert Lee, an Asian sports commentator was pulled by ESPN from calling a University of Virginia football telecast because his name could potentially trigger violence. Say what? How can you confuse this guy:

Robert Lee opts out of broadcasting University of Virginia football game over threat of Twitter backlash.


With this guy? Huh?

Image result for robert e lee




Confederate General Robert E Lee


Oh, it must have been the headphones or the grey suit that confused people.

On another note the University of Virginia has decided to be proactive and has banned Sara Lee cakes from all of its cafeterias.

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On another, another note they have also changed their dress code in that Levi’s will no longer be considered acceptable dress while on campus. That’s okay, one overweight student remarked. “I am so sick of being fat shamed to death, especially when trying to get into a pair of them. It’s those Sara Lee cakes that are doing it to me so this latest ban is a win, win situation for me!”….Yikes!

“Leave It to Beaver” reruns have also been banned from all school residences.

This just in. Mayor of Windsor upset with Trump Tweets. Well, step in line Mayor. Trump responded: “Who is a Windsor anyhow? Isn’t that a tie knot?”

From the “X” Files comes this:

Canada being Canada: after awarding a known and convicted terrorist $10.5M dollars for hurt feelings this latest announcement will surely get your Canadian cockles up:

Seems now that Canadians have the opportunity to indicate “X” as a gender on their passports. I would have thought a “G” spot would have been more appropriate.

Yeah, this is surely going to help those who comprise less than 1% of the population of getting into Saudi Arabia or many of the other tin-pot dictatorships around the world. “But I’m Canadian” one tourist was heard to say at Saudi customs. “You can’t expel me!”

“Where or who is a Canada?” The Saudi official responded. The smug Canadian tourist was indignant.

Meanwhile thousands of illegals flooding into Canada. Services swamped.

Canadian government is at a loss as to what to do.

I think is has more to do with these confusing signs, someone was heard to say. What on earth is a “Douane” anyway?

“Smoking weed may change how you walk????”  Really? I don’t even have to respond to that one. It stands on its own two feet and merit!

“I don’t think there’ll be a bad line on the leafs,” Connor Brown said. No Connor, you can’t point out a single defining statement for a line because the whole team sucks.

Argo’s suck. And who throws a challenge flag out with 70 seconds to play, and being ahead by three possessions? Calgary of course. C’mon Dickenson, you’re not that good.

Hurricane Harvey was caused by Climate Change and failing that it’s Trump’s fault, and failing that its cultural misappropriation. What? Yes, why on earth would a country like the USA embrace a tropical storm that originated in the Sahara and morphed off the coast of Africa. That storm triggers white supremacy and slavery! The practice must stop…now.

Heard in passing by a Millennial after the total eclipse of the sun:

“Hey man, if we can stop climate change then preventing a solar eclipse from ever happening again should be a walk in the dark…man.”

“Yeah dude. Pass the joint will ya?”

The world is going mad. Political correctness will be the end of us.

The Eagle’s “Take it Easy.” has been banned in many southern states as it conjures up bad memories of Keopectate.

Have a great Navy weekend.

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