Comfortably Numb

With all of the political shyte going on here in Canada I have indeed become comfortably numb. Consider this:

This week in Vancouver, Prime Minister Trudeau said the federal carbon tax, a key pillar in his government’s climate policy, will help protect Canadians from extreme weather. “Extreme weather events are extraordinarily expensive for Canadians, our communities and our economy,” he said, citing the recent tornadoes in Ottawa and wildfires in Western Canada. “That’s why we need to act.”

Trudeau must think we are all idiots. Forest fires that have started naturally by lightening strikes, or by human error are ignored. No, its climate change. Tornados? Climate change. And why you may ask? Taxes, more taxes to pay for his identity political agenda. That is his bottom line. If you think for a second that the carbon tax will prevent natural disasters then I have a meteorologist…or two…for you.

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See, see. All of those extreme weather events that they are reporting on in the background….cheers.

And this just in from a Philadelphia radio talk show. Subject: recent tornados in that state. One caller, a good ole boy calls in:

“I know what’s a happenin dere he says. I know what’s causin all of dem dere tornaters. It’s doze damn nuisance roundabouts, doze turnin circles. Ya see, what with all of doze cars and trucks and all going round and round…well…da air gets stirred up like a newfy fart – my Canadian cousins from da rock ya know – and we get dem Tornaters. Get rid of dem going round abouts and doze tornaters will go away!”

And then comes this:

This is Canada’s Prime Minister…a real plastic man.

See the source imageGot ya, you, you climate change deniers. I will carbon tax you all to death.

June 6 D-Day commemoration speeches.


President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron, left, greet a U.S. veteran during a ceremony to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy.

Speaking on the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings in France during World War II, Trump honored the dead and paid tribute to survivors, a solemn duty of American presidents.

The address near Omaha Beach won praise from supporters and critics alike. “We are gathered here on freedom’s altar,” Trump said within view of both Omaha Beach and the cemetery where 9,388 American military dead are buried. “From across the Earth, Americans are drawn to this place as though it was part of our very soul.”

Canada’s prime Minister:

“French Canadians, Anglo Canadians, Indigenous Canadians, New Canadians.” Identity politics at Juno Beach. Why can he not just say Canadians fought at Juno Beach.

Canada’s Governor General, Julia Payette, one of Trudeau’s chosen few elite:

“Collectively speaking, we are all to blame for World War II. It was a collective failure and tragic breakdown of communication.”

Yeah, Hitler was sooo misunderstood. If only we could have been more understanding. Such a cuddly German sauerkraut:

Don’t ya just want to give this guy a hug:

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Finally, given that Trudeau now states categorically that Canada committed GENOCIDE against the indigenous population of this country, we are now part of an infamous rogue’s gallery: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Turkey, Rwanda

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and now….Canada can be added to that list.

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October cannot come soon enough. Has to be the worst PM this country has ever had.

Given all of this shyte all I can say is that like Homer I am comfortably numb.

Have a great Navy day.