Dead Zone: Wish You Were Here

New record dead zone discovered. When I read that headline my immediate reaction was: yeah, what else is new? Ottawa has been a dead zone for years now.

See the source imageYou think that is a sunset don’t you. Well it is 10 am in downtown Ottawa. That orange hue is radiation emitting from the Parliament Buildings.

But alas they were referring to a natural phenom in the Gulf of Mexico, off the southern US states. Whew, missed that bullet as there is nothing natural going on in Ottawa – or Disneyland on the Rideau as it is known.

a close up of a mountain

Ah foods that are so unhealthy that they are EVIL.

Slide 6 of 51: Unhealthy Ingredient: High heat, inflammatory oilFried chicken, fried calamari, pork rinds, chicken-fried steak. You won’t ever see these items marked as an “Eat This.” Besides the high fat and calorie content, the main issue with these fried foods is that they contain high levels of inflammatory Advanced Glycation End products, or AGEs. These compounds form when animal-derived products are cooked at high temperatures for a prolonged period of time. According to a 2015 review published in the journal Advances in Nutrition, experts concluded that “sustained exposure to [AGEs] gradually erodes native defenses, setting the stage for abnormally high [oxidative stress] and inflammation, the precursors of disease.”Eat This! Instead: Luckily, researchers from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine found that when people cut out high-AGE foods like processed and fried foods, markers of inflammation in their body diminished. So, go grilled whenever you can or bake your foods in the oven.Yeah but they are so,so good. Remember, if things are good in moderation then they must be great in excess! Enjoy………………….

C-CRAP makers scrambling after new snoring fix discovered………………..Death!

Actor Mark Harmon allegedly body checked actress Perrette. She then clothes-lined him……………so there.

Rwanda genocide survivor wants to be a Canadian but the citizen test triggers trauma flashbacks for her. “They asked me if I was aware of the MMIW (Murdered and Missing Women) report’s conclusions. That did it.”

Prime Minister Trudeau then awarded her $10.5M for her trauma. Seems that the Canadian immigration office in Rwanda in now flooded by immigration requests.

Kate Middleton has the best response to a little girls’ question:

“Go ask William”

Meghan’s new ring has a romantic backstory.

“It was hawked” Harry confesses.

KD wasn’t anywhere close to 100%

a group of people playing a game of basketballOf course not. Every single male out there knows that KD is one molecule short of being plastic. Indeed KD is on the PM’s list of banned plastic substances to come into effect by 2021.

See the source imageThe red stuff is a methylated red acidic additive, better known as Ketchup…mmmm,mmmm yummy.

Flat earthers and the rise of science deniers. From the office of Alexandra Occasionally Cortez but Generally Whacko comes this:

“Well hey, the earth is flat you know. I don’t care what the science says. If I feel in my heart that the earth is flat then it is flat. When I go outside and look down my street, the street is flat, not curved, therefore the earth is flat. So don’t bother me with the facts.”

Our future leadership. Is there a spaceship travelling to a comet anywhere?

Wish you were here:

Have a great Navy day.