Every Breath You Take

Computer problems this morning. No reason. Just would not boot up. Don’t ya just love technology? Got it going.

Interesting reading the Letters to the Editor. Better than the comics. One guy wants to stop all the use of fossil fuels tomorrow. To save the planet. He is a real fossil fool.

Another one thinks this Greta Whatever, that 14 year old Swede who claims she can see CO2, to get all students around the world to go on strike immediately until such time as all governments address climate change…like yesterday. Students are ecstatic. Snow days every day. Even in the spring. Teachers are also ecstatic over this but still want more money for not working. Given the wholesale destruction of our economy where do they think the money will come from?

I see CO2. All school children around the world have gone on strike.

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Well yeah, so what? I can see dead people. So there. All funeral directors around the world have responded and have gone on strike.


Oh yeah, yeah. Well, I’ll be damned. I can’t see anything.

Interestingly when I asked this young person if CO2 is a poison she responded, well yes, and we must do everything in our power to eradicate this poison.

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A world without CO2.

I see weird people, everywhere. Out teachers are doing a fine job of indoctrinating our youth. Child abuse? You bet.

Interesting how the media and special interest groups manipulate people. It is no longer right to say vegetarian. No the new word is “Plant Based Foods” or “Plant Based Meats.”  That’ll do it. But you can’t fool me.

Global warming morphed into climate change, which has now morphed into………………drum role please…….da daaaaa:

Climate Emergency

Did you know that when Mount St Helens blew in 1980 that the world’s temperature dropped about 0.3 degrees Celsius. And that the ambient air temperature fell significantly during the solar eclipse of September 2017? Did ya? Well did ya?

Given that these volcanic erections adversely impact all life on earth and that Trudeau’s 4 cents a litre carbon tax will stop tornaters, floods and wild fires from occurring, then stopping all volcanic erections across the planet, as well as all solar eclipses, should be a walk in the dark for our politicians – don’t ya think.……….Canadians:

Wake up

We are being duped. Time to rid ourselves of this madness.

70th Anniversary of George Orwell’s 1984 novel. If you do not think we are headed in that direction, think again. It is happening now. A world wide Metropolis:

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We’re all just sheep being herded to the slaughter.

The UN’s ultimate goal?

One World Government

And Trudeau would love to see that.

Wait for a tax on the air that we breathe as we all exhale CO2

That is all she wrote.

They’ll be watching you.

Have a great Navy day.