Turn Me Loose

Congrats to Toronto Raptors for the winning of their first NBA title.

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And now for the Leafs? Ahhh, maybe not.

In  a few more days the Liberal government will gives its verdict on the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion. My verdict?


See the source imageTurn me loose. Turn me loose. Read my


lips. No more pipelines. My brain is engaged. I have a dream.

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No more pipelines. Yes, I have a dream. No matter where you are from, or the colour of your skin, there will be Barista joints and joints on every street corner of every city and town in this great country of ours. Yes, I have a dream.

And its a nightmare.

Meanwhile Climate Barbie, Trudeau’s erstwhile minister of CO2 has rejected every single recommendation that the conservative members of the senate have proposed to improve the draconian measures that would effectively ban all tankers off the West Coast of Canada and ensure not another resource project or major infrastructure initiative ever gets built in this country.

See the source imageWhat? There are three of her?

I see CO2

I only wish is that she and the entire Liberal Cabinet would breathe CO.

Our wonderful health care system in Canada: man dies of massive bedsore in Ontario hospital. Found 37 other incidents in the same facility.

We have the very best health system in the world………………..NOT.

Major League Baseball analyst sights global warming as the cause of a spike in home runs this season. Yes, there is a lot of hot air these days around the ball parks. No one mentioned crappy pitching.

Then this just in from that icon of journalistic integrity Joy Behar of the View: “Global Warming could stop Joe Biden from curling…er curing cancer if he becomes President.”

Doesn’t anyone else see the humour in all of this. Yet people actually believe this shyte.

That’s all for now. Very slow news day.

Again, congrats to Raptors.

Have a great weekend.