A Collection of Pics and Vids.

In keeping with the 4th of July tradition, here is a video to explain America’s exceptionalism from a nice wholesome pretty American girl…oops. White Privilege!!

They certainly have done a great deal to contribute to the west’s prosperity. Of course there are many out there that do not feel this way and are ready to crucify Trump for just about everything, including climate change.

Thanks to the Rebel for this one:

There was a big 4th of July parade earlier today in Washington, D.C.

But if you were getting your news from the Big 3 TV networks, you wouldn’t have known about it. On the afternoon of July 3rd, news broke that ABC, CBS and NBC would be following the lead of MSNBC and not airing the 4th of July parade. Why? Because they, the media, hate Trump and still cannot get over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election. It is as simple as that.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is still at a fever pitch, isn’t it?

So much for the media.

People take note.

Get this: Sebastian Gorka reveals the most important political book of the last decade: “Deep Throat 10.” Hey it brought down Nixon, why not Trump?

Trudeau and Canada’s climate change guru, Climate Barbie’s, worst nightmare. The Bolton Truck and Tractor Pull:

“Oh how I love the smell of carbon in the morning.” And these girls.  Perhaps the Canadian government should ban this for the more exciting “Prius and the EV Bus Pull contest. Or perhaps this:

See the source image Hey Barnie, Wilma, Betty, watch this.

Speaking of the climate, here is a snippet from one of America’s great, but late humourist:

“Lava in the living room.” Gotta love that.

Or “how I found love on the flood plain.”

And speaking of Science, Alexandra Occasionally Cortez But Generally Whacko would not get this:

A statement of “HYPOCRISY.”

This is the Liberal, Progressive, Green solution to feeding the planet.

Let them eat maggots.

Of course they would eat steak.

Please, please, say it ain’t so.

See the source imageMad Magazine is no more. Boo Hoo, Boo Hoo. I grew up with this guy Neuman and its satirical bent.

If only today’s mainstream media would implode.

C’mon people, shun the elitist UN shit, think for yourself and hop onboard. Play it loud and sing along. You will be happy. I guarantee it.

And here is another one along the same lines.

God the music of the 60s and 70s was just awesome, wasn’t it?

It is a wonderful world. If you let it be.

Have a great day. When everyday is a great day. No matter.