Don’t Worry. Be Happy

A new article about Don Cherry and Coaches’ Corner and why he should retire is out there. I am not a fan of Don Cherry primarily because he cannot put two sentences together. He is often times incoherent and is stuck in the 1980’s Boston Bruins past. He is not a sign of the times except maybe bad times. He appears to me from his commentary on TV to have been a bully player. As a player and as a coach he sometimes brings out the worst in many of us. The kids used to love him but that love is now fading like everything else considered to be Maple syrup by the new generation of Canadians. He is way past his best before date. Like Bob Cole, the iconic Maple Leaf’s broadcaster Don’s “jersey” should have been retired a long, long time ago.

On the other hand he is a non apologetic Canadian. Something this country dearly lacks, especially with our political leadership. He is patriotic, loves our military and police forces and instills a sense of Canadian pride that he himself wears on his sleeve. But given his conservative values, views and Canadiana pride you will never, ever see Don Cherry elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame or be nominated to the Order of Canada. A proud Canadian maybe but he is not considered progressive enough for the snotty, smug elitist hierarchy that runs this country. Don Cherry is considered way, way too blue collar for their liking.

I am reading articles now that are putting the Liberals in the lead. How can this be?  What with all of the scandals and corruption out there? Or is this just more media liberal bias? Probably.

Vancouver Pride bans University of British Columbia from participating in the upcoming Pride celebrations. Why? They dared to allow someone on their campus to speak out about some of the LGBT community activities. Of course Pride prides itself for being all inclusive, apolitical as long as that all inclusiveness, apoliticalness notions are not critical of them.

We do not need Pride. They need us.

It is coming to this. LA coffee chain bans NBA star Kaw-hi from all of its locations after the star failed to sign with the LA Lakers…. Geesh, your coffee ain’t that good.

By the way, how do you pronounce that name anyway. Kaw….Hi….. as in…. Raw….Hide…… Don’t know, just saying, that’s all.

Quebec now joins Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and Manitoba in their fight against the Federal government’s carbon tax.

I wonder what Quebec wants from the Feds now.

A hat that embodies pure evil? What you may ask? A hat emblazoned with “Make America Great Again.” read Don Cherry above.

Pure evil……………………..

All beer drinkers out there will understand this.

And don’t worry, be happy. To all you guys out there. Have a beer.

Have a great day.



2 thoughts on “Don’t Worry. Be Happy”

  1. John John John….I have to give you credit you are certainly not shy about speaking your mind! It’s a good thing we don’t talk politics when we play golf because you and I are sure not on the same page. You might be the only person I know who likes Trump and isn’t afraid to admit it. Oh ya this comment is a day late but I thought you’d appreciate my feedback my friend. See you on the links next Tuesday…wear your MAGA hat😂

    1. Ted. Thanks for your great comments. I would have thought by this blog that you would know by now that I like to poke fun at both sides of the spectrum. I do not like Trump. I think he is an idiot. But his policies are another matter. His administration is doing good things. And why is it so bad for Americans to celebrate the 4th of July? The press there are politicizing everything. And for our smugness as Canadians to criticize Trump for being patriotic.
      I cannot believe that the liberals are gaining in the polls. After all of the scandals. I voted Liberal all of my life until Chretien showed up and I witnessed first hand in Ottawa just how corrupt Quebec politicians are. ADSCAM, Bombardier, the Charboneau Commission, Airbus, Champlain Bridge, the Olympics, SNC Lavalin and on and on she goes. Why is it that all Liberal leaders have to come from Quebec? I will never ever vote for any party whose leader hails from Quebec – liberal or conservative. Never!
      Hey, the Als won the other day. Wow! See ya on the links….John

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