Wednesday is “Hump Day”

From a previous post:

Yeah but it’s only Tuesday Shakeyjay. No matter. The world is going to end in 11 years so who cares.

With 15000 camels deported to Qatar from Saudi Arabia, “Hump Day” brings a whole new meaning to that country.

Friend of mine is going on an all exclusive vacation to Mexico. “High end accommodation, high end food, high end drinks” he told me. Should be fantastico.

And of course…high end Kaopectate!

Because you know those gastro intestinal critters are not discerning in the least – high end or low end it means the same thing. Puking at the high end and shitting through the eye of a needle at the low end.

“Have fun.” I told him. Then I thought: “Three grand and the only site he’ll see is that found at the bottom of his commode, aka, a high end toilet.

Who on earth would ever vacation anywhere south of San Diego? Butt there is a reason you know why those Mexico and California / Texas borders are so crowded with irregular aliens from Mexico and Central America.  All they really want is Keopectate.

They just want to be regular people is all!

I gotta go!

A very popular tune that could be heard at the border.