Stupid Is As Stupid Does

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“Life is like a box of chocolates you know….cause ya never know what your gonna get….” except of course the ones with the nuts…

Consider just how nutty Canada’s policy is on building pipelines:

“We already knew how bad C-69 was when it was introduced as a bill. And of course, it goes without saying, all the bizarre conditions and regulations would only apply to Canadian industry. There would be no gender analysis or Aboriginal analysis or queer analysis or feminist analysis of oil brought in from the U.S. by rail, or brought in from Saudi Arabia by tanker.”

Cause they’re all eunuchs in Saudi Arabia.

Never mind that, what on earth does a queer, or a feminist analysis have to do with the building of a pipeline. Oh you mean that somebody is going to get fooked? Oh, it’s a metaphor. I see and I get it now.. Indigenous analysis. What on earth is that? Oh I get it. That is when a pipeline goes through Indian Land and the natives only get 10 gazillion dollars in royalties. They’re fooked as well. Or perhaps they are smoking something from their pipes. Incredible.

Stupid does what stupid wants: India mission bureaucratic and diplomatic staff were subjected to Canadian government counseling sessions titled “Minding Difficult Conversations”, “Building Civility in the Workplace” and a 3-hour session named “Values and Ethics in the Workplace.” This was done after Trudeau’s disastrous India visit. At the end of it all they were also subjected to 1.5 hour long exercise called the marshmallow and spaghetti challenge. Participants were “divided into teams that compete with each other using certain supplies… (including spaghetti and a marshmallow) to see who can build the tallest structure”. The winner got a box of chocolates, smores and a posting to Parliament Hill.

More chocolate nuts: Trudeau Liberals hiring a climate Barbie whisperer to help Catherine McKenna. Who you may ask?…..why Ken of course. How much? $2M. I kid you not.


And the sad thing in all of this? Polls are indicating that Trudeau is going to win the next election. Stupidity rules.

Nuttier still from the LGBTQ community: an abortion should just be a discussion between a man and her doctor. No one else. Or, better still: I am a lesbian trapped inside a man’s body.

A new paperback is out titled: “Understanding Women”

Should be a best seller. If only you could lift it.

What goes around comes around…or mechanical Karma: Elon Musk’s Neuralink Says It’s Ready for Brain Surgery … The startup just unveiled its plan to implant paralyzed patients with electrodes that’ll let them work computers with their minds. Hands free. Just like his driverless cars. And the patients? Oh those poor sods who believed that Musk’s driverless cars were fool-proof. Well, they weren’t and these fools are proof of that.

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It’s sad and frustrating when half of the super chargers AT THE TESLA FACTORY aren’t working and the employee inside says the only thing we can do is call and report them. I’ve been waiting to talk to an actual person for <15 mins now.

Tesla’s self driving brain surgery community is all in a tizzy right now.

Yeah, especially when that asshole Tesla operator tells us to press one!!!

A premonition perhaps. In training:

                                                              The rowing machine on the Titanic

This has to make you cry: New York Post reports that at the beginning of the moon landing astronaut John Glenn wrote down those famous words as in…one small step for man…..Life is like a box of chocolates you know cause I is as stupid is as stupid does.

Love this:



Have a great day and have a chocolate.