Nothing New

Getting into the dog days of summer. Very little to report.

Have a beer. Okay. Have you got the opener?

Gotta love those Brits…er Irish. Humour.

A Dutch swimming pool. C’mon in the Pilsner’s great.

I see the Tour de Farce is on:

I watched the Tour de France today on TV. Now there is an exciting spectator sport if I ever saw one. Like cross country skiing! And what does one call a large group of cyclists anyway? A turd? I mean a group of whales is called a pod, seagulls a flock. So what do we call a group of cyclists? Probably a herd. Okay, watching this herd of cyclists covering about 200 km was as exciting as watching paint dry, or watching the paint dry on a barn door.

”Paint dry? What is dat? “ My Dutch colleague asked.

“Well, you know, like watching grass grow.” I answered as diplomatically as possible.

”I don’t understand dis, paint dry or grass grow.” He looked at me with askance – a dumb sort of look on his face.

“Okay I’ll be as diplomatic as I can be.” I replied.


“Sucre blue” he exclaimed in his best Dutch.

“ You mean Sacre Bleu?” I corrected him.

”Dats vat I say, Sucre blew.”

So after 2 hours of watching a turd, I mean herd, of cyclists ride by the announcer comes on to inform us all – with bated breath – that there are only 150 km to go.

“Getting close” I thought to myself – ooooooooo

And what did the man on the street have to say after camping out for over a week on this stretch of a French country road to watch this herd ride by.

”So what do you think?” The French reporter asked.

“Well I have been out here for a week just to see this race!” The spectator exclaimed. And just as he was telling the reporter what he felt the terd, I mean herd, rode by in a flash.

“I missed the herd. I have been here all week.” Damn…..Sacre Blue.”

” You mean Sucre Blewd.” The Dutchman corrected him.

What this really boils down to is that like spectators all over the world they are really hoping and praying that this herd of terds will wipe-out.

Tour de Farce!

Time change? Do you agree or disagree with it. Well the UK Parks department at Stonehenge definitely have something to say about it: (Click on the link then open).


That’s about it for today. I also have a quote:

“When I married Ms. Right, I had no idea her first name was Always.”

And a joke:

“A middle-aged couple had two beautiful daughters
But always talked about having a son. 

They decided to try one last time 
For the son they always wanted. 

The wife got pregnant 
And delivered a healthy baby boy. 

The joyful father rushed to the nursery 
To see his new son. 

He was horrified at the ugliest child 
He had ever seen. 

He told his wife: ‘There’s no way I can 
Be the father of this baby. 
Look at the two beautiful daughters I fathered! 
Have you been fooling around behind my back?’

The wife smiled sweetly and replied: 

‘No, not this time!'” 

This song will get your toes tappin. “Ramblin Man” by the Allman Brothers Band. Dickie on lead vocal and guitar. One of the best solos ever. 1972 was a great year for music.

Have a great weekend.





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