Things Are Not What They Seem

Now, you tell me things are not going whacko. Headlines from Friday. Thanks to Maggie’s Farm:


Man, father, rescues daughters from undertow – drowns. Toxic Masculinity;

Berkeley bans manholes and natural gas…beano and toxic masculinity to come next;

Colorado State University states that the name “America” is not all inclusive;

Gasden Flag denounced as thought crime…see natural gas above;

A liberal tweet goes viral. “White people love dogs because they miss owning slaves;”

Progressives (lefties) shout “White Supremacy” at every image of the Rorschach test;

Suicides up over climate despair. “Why go on living when it always rains on my Pride Parade;”

British MP wants end to affordable food to fight obesity and climate change. As an adjunct, on hearing this “foodie” suicides up due to tainted food scare;

Prince Charles once again changes his climate change doomsday prediction. Climate suicides spike on hearing the news;

Facebook bans St Augustine quote as hate speech. “Love your neighbour as yourself” deemed to be just too toxic for the LGBTQ crowd;

Educators aim to end “whiteness” and racism in Mathematics: 1 + 1 = 11; 2 + 2 = 22. “We are dumbing down” one was heard to say. We want to sink to the lowest common denominator!!;

Attacks on “white, male moon landing” geesh, Liberals cannot stay away from criticizing significant American accomplishments as virtue signalling; and

Democrats tell Americans that their citizenship means nothing.


And all of this taken from just one day of headlines. That is why I love doing this blog. There is no end to the madness out there.

All of this sure does smell:

Have a great day.