Resumed and Coming Soon

Coming soon to the blog-verse. Complete with typos.

Why? Well, cause I paid to host this site you know.

And, ticked off by soooo many things these days. This blog is therapeutic for my sanity.

Music to my ears.

Just a peaceful easy feeling.

I have written two books. Click on Kurofune or I Thought I’d Died and Gone to Heaven at the top of the page – just above my pic of “My View from Mill Bay” to check them out.

I have a third book on its way. It is called Monk’s Orchard. I had a great deal of fun writing it – if you could call writing fun. Covidly weird. It will be out on Amazon shortly.

Just mouse over and click on the link to get an overview.

Monk’s Orchard_cover





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  1. Yahoo! I’m glad you are back. Looking forward to some hard truth and good humour.

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