And Here I Thought It Was Doritos

The Law of Unintended Consequences:

$80B – yes that’s a “Billion”- CERB program may hamper recovery by being a disincentive to work, provinces warn. Various premiers have warned that the private sector has struggled to rehire some workers due to the hard eligibility cut-offs under the program. For the un- initiated this CERB is a Canadian government initiative to compensate workers with $2,000 per month who have lost their jobs or have had their hours curtailed due to Covid. The program also allows employees to earn up to $1,000 per month to augment their benefit.

“Yo? Why work, Dude. Me and my partner can bring in almost 6 Gs a month almost tax free. Why work…loser. Yo, bro, lets spend it…on cannabis.”

Government communists, AKA Liberals and NDP, want to make this a permanent benefit, as in a Universal Basic Wage. They tried this in Finland but they had to cancel the program cause they couldn’t find anyone to work it!

Following on with this theme is another wonderful program brought to you by your local government…Glory Holes or how to have safe sex in this era of a panned-demic. I am not kidding.

Glory holes? Glory Be! Are youse kidding me? Says it all don’t it. (see grammar item below). If only I should be so lucky with a hole that big.

Yo? Dude? Dat hand ain’t no black hand dude ain’t it? Black Hands Matter!

And if you are using one of those Gloreeee Be Holes don’t forget to wear you’re mask:

See the source image

Glad these holes are not see thru!

The English department at a public university declared that proper English grammar is racist.

Rutgers University’s English department will change its standards of English instruction in an effort to “stand with and respond” to the Black Lives Matter movement. In an email written by department chairwoman Rebecca Walkowitz, the Graduate Writing Program will emphasize “social justice” and “critical grammar.”

Walkowitz said the department would respond to recent events with “workshops on social justice and writing,” “increasing focus on graduate student life,” and “incorporating ‘critical grammar’ into our pedagogy.”(why can’t they just say educational programs?). The “critical grammar” approach challenges the standard academic form of the English language in favor of a more inclusive writing experience (like for who dude?). The curriculum puts an emphasis on the variability (and viability) of the English language instead of accuracy.

I hear that math is next on the chopping block to be deconstructed as a form of “Western imperialism”?

A young woman describing herself as a teacher, Ph.D. student, and “social justice change agent,” recently gained notoriety for tweeting, “The idea of 2+2 equaling 4 is cultural,” a product of “western imperialism / colonialism.” “It’s racist I tell youse.” said the English Gramar and Speling admissions rep at Rutger’s University.

Yes, even mathematics, held up as the most objective and neutral of disciplines, is being reshaped by critical theory, which claims that all ideas are social constructions by groups using their power to advance their own interests.

Ya dude, I always taught dat 2+2=22. Why shouldn’t it be bro? Just think if the Egyptians had fallen to this madness:

Image result for pics of upside down pyramids

Or the space program:

See the source image

Or this: 1+1=11…yessss!


Radio host mocked Trump by claiming Seattle is peaceful, then rioters wrecked his apartment building.

There is a god.

Famous potato chip company issues apology as ex-director gets busted for growing over $30K worth …

Although chips and cannabis are often considered the ultimate combination, the pairing resulted in a patently unchill situation involving both an arrest and a PR snafu.

It should have been Doritos!

How do you spell insanity – T.O.R.O.N.T.O.  You can have this baby for just $999,999.00. Located in Toronto’s trendy Italian district.
Toronto house
Can youse beleese dis shyte. It’s da new math bro?

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