Picture Perfect Our House Is!

And here I thought they were referring to the new Royal Canadian Navy’s new rank structure!

Or is that the new Math Debate

Say it ain’t so Joe

And I approve this message because I am Joe Biden…and you’re not!

Picture this:

Trump reroutes pharmaceutical manufacturing
from China to New York Kodak plant

The Trump administration has awarded Kodak a $765 million government loan under the Defense Production Act to help speed the domestic manufacturing of certain medical drugs. A new division, Kodak Pharmaceuticals, is expected to create 350 jobs, senior administration officials said during a call with reporters Tuesday. The move is billed as part of a larger effort to secure a United States supply of critical pharmaceutical ingredients and modernize the Strategic National Stockpile. The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation, the agency that engineered the deal, has been working with the Department of Defense to relocate important supply chains out of China for months at the president’s direction.

Heard in passing: “…but, but…he’s a racist, a bigot, a whatever phobe…I tells ya. Imagine trying to secure our drug supply? Madness! The cartels are freaking out over this!”

‘A Sputnik moment’: Russia hopes to be first with Covid-19 vaccine, top official says approval expected by August 10

See the source imageTrust me. Drink

And the world isn’t going insane…WHY?

Conversion therapy: The new left says you’re a bigot unless you have sex with EVERY gender??????????????????????????????????.

What? All 57 of them Mr Heinz?

Next up, conversion therapy: The new left says you’re a bigot unless you have sex with EVERY gender

Oh, so that’s why there are so many colours. Rainbow Lives Matter.

After all… it is our house…MADNESS:

Have a great long weekend…until Tuesday.


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