For What It’s Worth

Does this guy ever get old? I mean this guy looked like this when he was 20. Well exaggeration perhaps but definitely when he was 40. He is 70 now.

Seems like John McCallum, ex Liberal Party MP and ex Ambassador to China, has remained this way forever. Could he be Canada’s version of “The Picture of Dorian Gray?

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See the source imageJust as scary!

Liberal Speak Alert:

According to the “Rebel,” John McCallum literally accepted $73,000 in free gifts from the communist dictatorship. And those are just the ones that he’s disclosed! In fairness to him he did disclose this to authorities. In his words:

In some important policy areas such as the environment, global warming, free trade, globalization – is there anything else?-  the policies of the government of Canada are closer to the policies of the government of China than they are to U.S. policies… I believe that because of this political situation with Donald Trump, the Chinese are now more interested than before to do things with us… and with anyone else in the world. In a sense, it’s a good thing for me as an ambassador and for Canada with China because, because of these big differences, it gives us opportunities in China. There is no doubt that Canada wants to do more with China, which is what the Prime Minister told me when he asked me to come here.” 

In other words “John flew over the Wuhan Nest”

How do you spell naivety? M.c.C.A.L.L.U.M.

Democrats and leftists triggered by Joe Biden condemning anarchists, arsonists. Say it ain’t so Joe.

“I need my safe space.” One leftist was heard to say.

Gotta love this:

“anarchist” is not some free-floating category of criminal. It’s perfectly legal to be an anarchist, as protected by the first amendment and it’s a gross violation of the spirit of liberty to imply otherwise. People’s ideology do not make them criminals.”
Leftist logic….
After all, burning down buildings and city infrastructure is really only a form of urban renewal – not some criminal act. C’mon now!
Leftist violence, wholesale destruction and insurrection should be a concern to everyone.
See the source imageLeft wing ideology speaks!
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Democratic national convention dress rehearsal.
This is not your Portland Rose Festival
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For what its worth.
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At least these 1960’s protests were generally peaceful.
This song was written in 1967….The more things change the more things really stay the same.

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