Dead End Streets.

It is a crazy world:

Dems and Libs worst nightmare:

Black Trump Supporters March in Los Angeles, Champion #BlackLivesMAGA

In support of the BLM movement: the Smithsonian is telling us things such as hard work, planning for the future, science, rigid time schedules, aesthetics, justice, competition, and individualism are inherently white and…only the pale prefer the President.

Joe Biden agrees — if you don’t vote for him, “you ain’t black.”

Also, according to a Democrat, rape victims should not report the incident to police. Tell your mama, go on and tell your pa.

So, according to Dem logic black lives equate to: laziness, live for the day only, pseudo science, tardiness, ugliness, corruption, participation medals and collectivism…”sign me up”… so says my middle age son who currently lives in my basement.

The expression “the early bird gets the worm” has the vegan folks all in a tizzy.

Did ya know that the US has produced more Nobel prize winners than any other country in the world.

That the US’ GNP is about 25% of the entire world’s GNP.

American exceptionalism

Can you imagine a Canadian making statements such as this Aussie makes? Canadian inferiority prevails and underscores our smugness.

I love Americans and the United States.

Only in Canada you say:

Cabinet yesterday approved millions in pandemic relief to marijuana dealers. The Department of Health deferred payment of annual licensing fees, though cannabis stores showed the sharpest year over year sales increase of any class of retailer.

…Cannabis sales in May showed a year over year gain of 116 percent, from $86 million to $186 million, according to Statistics Canada Retail Sales By Industry data. By comparison, beer and liquor stores saw a three percent gain in sales.

Of all the industries struggling in Canada, the weed man doesn’t need government help.

Added to that my lawn still looks crappy.

In other news Doritos sees its sales quadruple.

If you let BLM, Antifa and other leftist progressive radicals get their way then surely we will all be living on dead end streets. Progressivism is destroying our way of life and values.

That’s it. Dead end street was one of the Kink’s earliest hits. Mid 1960’s