Hands in my Pocket

So, it’s my fault is it? After all I am a white Caucasian.

And they call themselves doctors?

NASA scientist Dr. Kate Marvel links ‘climate change’ to ‘white supremacy’ – ‘We’ll never head off climate catastrophe without dismantling white supremacy’ – Calls for climate & racial ‘justice’

I am all for justice and given that she is white let’s dismantle her first and take her off the food chain and DNA gnome.

See the source imageOops I meant DNA Genome

Nevertheless, my response would be:

See the source image

Kiss my white priveledged ass.

Dr Marvel should stick to what she knows best:

See the source image

The term “black lives matter” is innocuous enough.

The activist group “Black Lives Matter” is anything but. They are extreme, intolerant, violent and Marxist. No tax funded body should be spending a nickle to promote that form of divisive extremism yet the City of Calgary has decided to spend $120,000 on a series of murals which will promote Black Lives Matter.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda given it to the Liberals.

On another Liberal note.

A Trudeau-appointed contractor who was tasked by the government to ship masks has failed to ship any. This came in spite of the contractor being awarded $382 million by the Trudeau government.

The government awarded this contract to Medicom—a Montreal-based company who do not have any factories in Canada, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

“No matter” says an anonymous liberal spokesperson. “They said they would do it, so they will do it. After all, if my mother had 4 wheels she would be a truck!”

So goes liberal logic.

By the by. The company owner gave the Liberal party $66,000 since 2005.

Hand in My Pocket sung by Alanis Morrissette at a Liberal fundraising event.



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