I Am…Anonymous

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I have full confidence in my Finance Minister. Any talk otherwise is pure speculation, so says Tru-dough of his current finance minister More-dough

If elected PM, I will never prorogue parliament like that dastardly dictator Stephen Harper did.

By the way, if you are of pro life there is no room for you in the Liberal Party of Canada. Sign here please…………………………….if you want money from our government for your youth program.

I never groped that woman.

I am translucent…er…I mean…transparent…er trans perhaps?!?!

I have never been friends with the Kielburger brothers. My family has never benefitted from the WE organization. Believe ME!

I never took a vacation with the Aga Khan.

I will balance the budget in 4 years.

I never wore blackface.

I love dressing up as an Indian. East… West…Indigenous or otherwise. It doesn’t really matter.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Canada is guilty of genocide – meaning all Canadians.

Canadians are systemically racist.

(To Canadians) I support our oil and gas sector. (To Davos) I am ashamed of our oil and gas sector and of being a Canadian.

Canada, under my leadership, will be the world’s first post national state. (Liberal Code for globalism and proroguie of a one world government under the auspices of the United Nations.)

All the best PMs are from Quebec. All PMs should be from Quebec.

SNC Lavalin…say no more, say no more.  “Pass the cheese Raybould.”

As a Liberal leader (Chretien, 1993) I will abolish the GST once elected. Post election? I never said anything of the kind.

Admiral Mark Norman! ” I was upset with the Admiral because his first name ended with the letter K and not a C”

The carbon tax is revenue neutral. Hahahahahahahahahahahahah. That’s a good one…. Justin.

See the source imageI never said that.

Have to go. I am having prorogies for dinner tonight….yummy, especially the oka cheese ones.