Hey, It’s Only Money!

Canada’s Federal minister in charge of student volunteer grant program can’t say how much of $30 million paid to WE has been reimbursed.

Oh, I don’t know…probably none of it. But hey, it’s only money right?

“We can share that … $30 million has been released to the organization through the contribution agreement. I was not aware of how much money has been returned,” Bardish Chagger, Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Youth, said Tuesday to House of Commons ethics committee members.

Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Youth?? Are you kidding me? How does one administer diversity, administer inclusion, youth? When asked Bardish just shrugged. “Ask we.”

“Oskee wee wee, oskee wah, wah…Ticats….eat em raw.”

Have you noticed that Canada is slowly but surely becoming a third world country with corruption, nepotism, discriminate policies and political favoritism to garner votes? We opened this country to third world immigrants. We want to become diverse because diversity is our strength – or so we have been told. Does being diverse come with a cost to our freedoms, values and ethics? Will our attempt with more diversity, adversity (sic) undermine our political institutions as we adopt third world constructs so as not to offend any one particular group? Will these diverse groups assimilate into our Canadian way of life and adopt our core values or bring their own third world way of life and attitudes with them?

Oh, I don’t know whitey. Your white privilege is toxic and destructive. Black Lives Matter don’t you know.

You don’t?

Craziness. LA Times says camping is racist!!

So says the woman (?) at the bottom right in the photo who identifies as being black.


Pass the smores!

To mask or not to mask? That is the question:

I prefer this mask:

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