A Pirogue By Any Other Name

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Warning! Liberal Speak inbound

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters on Tuesday that his government’s prorogation of parliament was opposite of what Stephen Harper and the Conservatives did in 2008. “Stephen Harper and the Conservatives prorogued parliament in order to shut it down and avoid a confidence vote. We are proroguing to bring it back on the same week it was supposed to come back anyway and to force a confidence vote,” said Trudeau shortly after announcing a new cabinet.


Because, we have had parliament closed now since March so our prorogue is much different than Harper’s prorogue because we want a confidence vote whereas Harper did not, hence his proroguement

Get it? Detect the liberal nuances here?

A prorogue is a prorogue is a prorogue. If my mother had four cheeze sticks for wheels she would be a cheeze pirogue.

Trudeau’s autocratic proclivities a clear and present danger to Canadian democracy – so says Diane Francis from the National Post. More…

Their initiatives include: $27.5 billion to build energy-efficient buildings; $49.9 billion to retrofit existing buildings; and a pledge to “jump-start production and adoption of electric vehicles,” which does not include a price tag, but is sure to be a hefty one.

When mixed with Trudeau’s continuing assault on Canada’s only engine of economic growth — the oil and resource sectors — the outcome is a foregone conclusion: Canadian taxpayers, who already pay some of the highest taxes in the world, will crumble or flee, along with their investors and employers.

On top of that, Trudeau also wants a guaranteed annual income, which will turn us into a nation of trust fund kids and tank the economy.

Of course Hazmat Singh and all of his NDP cronies are all in a tizzy over this one.

I say bring it on……………. Enjoy the decline Canadians. Me? I’ll be dead.

Imagine if this had been Trump or any other Conservative:


Inbound! Russian dictator speak

Doctors say condition of Moscow protest leader Navalny has stabilized, as Kremlin promises probe if traces of poison are found….so says Putin as he chows down on his Putine. “Man, this stuff will really kill ya.” he was heard to remark.


And here is a little gem I found.